Best Trauma-Informed Therapy

Best Trauma-Informed Therapy: The Root of the Matter

Have you tried other forms of therapy but find that they can’t do much for your addiction? Did you go to other therapy centers (even psychological ones) and discover that they couldn’t help? Here at the Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center, we focus on trauma-informed therapy. This is the kind of therapy that doesn’t just treat…

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Working on Your Relationship While in Quarantine

For those who are in quarantine with their significant others, unease may be in the air as each person is subject to feeling more triggered than usual. During a vulnerable period, it is imperative to find stability and understanding to co-habituate in peace and even have the relationship thrive. Here are some ways to keep…

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cell phone addiction

Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

We have access to an endless supply of information at the tip of our fingers. Cell phones give us the ability to inform ourselves on current events, research topics, complete work tasks, engage in gossip, compare products to make purchases, and so forth. They are convenient and seemingly a tool for simpler connections. Yet, they…

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gambling addiction

Gambling and Mental Health

It feels good to win. When we gamble, we get high. The brain releases a rush of dopamine, creating a desire for more. For some, that high is overpowering, influencing a compulsion to gamble, regardless of the consequence. When the desire starts to preoccupy the brain, it becomes a gambling addiction or pathological gambling. A…

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GI Problems and Anxiety

Anxiety might make interacting with the world uncomfortable but its physical symptoms can make it unbearable. People who suffer from high stress and anxiety are at risk of developing gut-related issues that affect their quality of life. The simplicity of eating at a restaurant, sitting through a lengthy play, or carpooling with co-workers becomes complicated…

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