Treatment Centers For Depression

Trauma responds to unpleasant or disturbing events that diminish an individual’s sense of self and their ability to feel any emotion or experience. Past experiences like serious accidents, sexual assault, physical attack, life-threatening illness, or loss of someone close can trigger this individual’s traumatic behavior. And the symptoms of this traumatic behavior can be in various forms, such as not feeling fully alive, overall numbness, sense of anxiety or depression, anger issues, panic attacks, or even difficulty in connection with others. Any of these behavioral issues is a call for help.

How can Trauma and Beyond Centre help you?

At Trauma and Beyond, we address each psychological issue with great care. We understand that unresolved traumatic behavior can lead to other manifestations like anxiety, depression, addiction, and even self-harm. Hence, we also provide the best therapy for depression, anxiety, and stress with our carefully designed Treatment Programs. Whether you’re looking for a teenage depressions treatment center or a general depression rehab in LA, Trauma and Beyond provide contemporary psychotherapy modalities to remove the blockade from the healing process.

Issues we address

  • Addiction in early recovery/Dual diagnosis: Most people often develop the addition of drugs m, alcohol, gambling, etc. to cope with the pain or underlying stress. At Trauma and Beyond, our goal is to help you understand these harmful life patterns and make you more fully present for others and yourself.
  • Depression: Feeling sad, sorrow, alone, lack of appetite, and losing interest in self, world, or future are the symptoms of depression. And at Trauma and Beyond, we know that the treatment options for depression are limited; hence we design special programs to help our clients find ways out of this sense of hopelessness and depression cycle.
  • Anxiety: The sense of fear or danger that something terrible will happen at any time can easily take out the joy of our lives. We design our integrated approach to calm the body, mind, and emotions and facilitate self-soothing.
  • Trauma, or Developmental Trauma: Traumatic experience occurs in the past, but it tends to destroy a person present and future both if not taken care of on time. Here at Trauma and Beyond, use different psychotherapeutic modalities to solve these underlying problems.

Our Special Programs to Treat Depression, Anxiety, and Dual Diagnosis

We offer free online groups for people living in California dealing with depression or dual diagnosis. We believe that we can get pass through these difficult times if we stay together. Our depression treatment centers in Los Angeles is one of the finest and have experienced trauma-informed therapists. Our program consists of 2 weekly classes

  • Mindful and Stress Management: Here, we will focus on calmly accepting our feelings and thoughts while learning therapeutic techniques to handle these emotions.
  • Breath and Somatic Skill: Here, our Yoga therapist will take you on a beautiful journey using somatic work. Meditation and breathing practices will bring you ease and comfort.

Our other Services Include

  • Assessment and Evaluation: We developed a customized treatment plan for you based on your needs
  • Consultation: We will guide and assist you in choosing the best treatment for you and your loved ones.
  • Outpatient therapy and Intensive Outpatient Program: We provide individual services according to your needs. It may include multiple sessions per week, consisting of individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, etc.
  • Intensive: We offer Intensive workshops of 3 days to treat severe traumatic behaviors.

Contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance: 818-651-0725

Treatment Centers For Depression

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