I have known Dr Barron and Dr Friedman-Gell for many years and have worked with both in many different capacities. Both are trusted colleagues and talented clinicians who always put patient care first. Their dedication to providing excellent care and their passion for their work will make Trauma and Beyond a valuable resource for many. I highly recommend them and their center.

-Michael Roy
LCSW Founder/Executive Director, Clearview Treatment Programs | www.clearviewtreatment.com

Through Trauma & Beyond, Dr. Friedman-Gell and Dr. Barron bring an invaluable service to the San Fernando Valley. I have known these two psychologists for many years. They possess deep knowledge of what happens in the brain and body, and not just the mind in cases of trauma. They also understand the importance of early relationship dynamics to current symptom expression. Anyone in need of treatment can rest assured of the depth of their training, experience and dedication for treating the whole person.

-Terry Marks-Tarlow
Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author

It has been our experience that trauma is at the root of most psychological and mental health issues. We understand that defenses are protective mechanisms that have served a life-long purpose. This understanding allows us to attune to nuances of each clients’ personal way of being in the world. We believe that our approach supports clients in discovering a sense of wonder and possibilities for themselves and their future.

-Joanne Barron, Psy.D. & Lynne Friedman-Gell, Ph.D., Founders

Both Dr. Barron and Dr. Friedman-Gell have always offered a helping hand in being able to assist our clients when I call them. They have open hearts, integrity, knowledge and years of experience in the field of Trauma daily life problems that arise with so many people. I respect, recommend, and support them in all that they do. They are seasoned clinicians, of great service to the community,. They are leaders, teaches and providers to those seeking assistance in being better!

-Shireen Janti-Reid
Director MUSICARES® | https://www.grammy.com/musicares

Dr. Lynne Friedman-Gell and Dr. Joanne Barron bring an expertise to trauma therapy through their many years of training and specialization focus. They have developed a program that brings cutting edge treatment modalities to clients by therapists who are skilled and compassionate. I believe clients who seek treatment from Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center will benefit from their exceptional care, and holistic model of healing through this comprehensive program.

-Dr. Susan Krevoy
Founder and Director, The Krevoy Institute for Eating Disorders | www.drkrevoy.com

Joanne and Lynne are two of the warmest and brightest therapists I know. I have known them for over a decade and cannot say enough about the quality of their work and even more importantly, their characters. Their understanding of treating patients with trauma will be a gift to the community and one that is so highly needed.

-Jennifer Schneider, Ph.D.
Specializing in Eating Disorders, Addictions & Women’s Issues | Clinical Psychologist

Over the past 6 years, I have worked with Dr. Friedman-Gell & Dr. Barron on many cases. They consistently provide high quality, compassionate care for those struggling with mood, anxiety and substance use disorders. I would recommend them without hesitation for any patient or family needing help with mental health-related struggles.

-Ellie Mizani, MD
Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology | Board Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine | Mental Health Center | Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers

My childhood was filled with abuse and trauma. Throughout my life, I suffered greatly from depression, addiction, hopelessness, relationship problems, and an inability to feel safe in the world. I started work in therapy 30 years ago. I have worked with countless therapists and received treatment in numerous outpatient and inpatient clinical settings. None of it was helpful.

Before coming to Trauma and Beyond, I was suicidal and hopeless. I was active in alcoholism, addictions and self-harm behavior. I isolated myself from others. I was so preoccupied with my pain, depression, PTSD and flashbacks that I could no longer hold a job. I was desperate for help. Desperate for relief. Desperate to be seen and understood. I got all of that and more at Trauma and Beyond.

As the result of my treatment at Trauma and Beyond, I was able to safely process my abuse and traumas with supportive and highly trained clinicians. Trauma work is not a one size fits all process. My treatment program was made up of numerous therapeutic modalities centered specifically around trauma, which gave me the opportunity to discover what was meaningful and helpful to me.

At Trauma and Beyond, I learned to trust. I found safety and comfort. The program allowed me to process my trauma on many levels: emotional, cognitive, somatic, social and spiritual. I was taught to manage my feelings through mindfulness exercises, connection, vulnerability, play, self-compassion and exploration.

At Trauma and Beyond, I was, at last, treated as a whole person suffering in a variety of ways that could all be connected to my experiences of abuse and trauma. Being immersed in a treatment program that understood the connection between my trauma, my depression, my addictions and my maladaptive coping strategies freed me from shame and opened a pathway to healing.

In my journey of healing at Trauma and Beyond, I walked through decades of pain and began to perceive myself, the world and humanity differently. Healing from trauma will be a lifelong process; however, at Trauma and Beyond, I built a foundation that can support me and nourish me, as I courageously break free from the shackles of trauma day by day.

If you’re struggling and suffering as a result of trauma, but have lost hope that therapeutic intervention can help, rest assured that help is available. Don’t give up. There is a community of people that relate to what you’ve experienced, and understand how it penetrates every aspect of life. Gift yourself the experience of healing in the remarkable and life changing program at Trauma and Beyond.

You matter. You’re worthy. You are NOT alone. Help is available. Reach for it. I did, and it changed my life.

-Michelle – August 2021