“Over time, as most people fail the survivor’s exacting test of trustworthiness, she tends to withdraw from relationships. The isolation of the survivor, thus persists even after she is free.” – Judith Herman, MD, Trauma and Recovery (1992)

We’re committed to providing effective treatment that keeps our staff as well as our clients. To that end, we’ve added tele-therapy services. That means clients will be able to receive the same treatments they would at our facility from the safety and comfort of their home or anywhere.

The technology that we use is compliant with all forms of technology. Clients will be able to enter therapy sessions through a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other kind of mobile device with an internet connection. This process is easy to set up, and we’ll be able to talk folks through it who might require additional assistance.

The last thing anyone should have to worry about during a therapy session is their own safety. In these uncertain times, tele-therapy can be a great way for people to continue their treatment in an environment where they feel their most at ease.

You don’t have to be in our building for our cutting-edge psychotherapy modalities. Through tele-therapy, our experienced staff is just as able to provide holistic healing of the mind, body, and emotions. Regardless of your physical location, we can help you to heal from the unresolved wounds of early trauma. For more about how this works or to set up a session, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 818-651-0725.