Why Supportive Living

Why Supportive Living?

When considering treatment options there is often confusion. Am I appropriate for Mental Health PHP or can my trauma be treated sufficiently in IOP? Do I need residential treatment or is supportive living a good option? These are good questions and often a skilled professional can help you make that decision. At Trauma and Beyond the option of supportive living is available for clients attending our Mental Health PHP program. While attending our Trauma Treatment Program, clients can be offered care while residing in a setting that is safe and nurturing.

DCEBD C AEA BBCEBAt times, returning home after a day of Intensive Trauma Therapy can be overwhelming. For those living alone, or those with living situations that are not optimally supportive, our supportive living might be a good alternative while attending our PHP program. Trained staff are available 24 hours a day and can be there to help you to stay regulated and in your window of tolerance.

Supportive living is different than residential treatment in that while it is not as restrictive, it offers a high level of safety in a home-like environment. Clients are transported to and from the Trauma Treatment Center Monday through Friday and weekends are staffed to support you in planned activities, errands, family visits, or simply relaxing around the pool. Clients are afforded more autonomy than in residential treatment with the bonus of having staff available when they are needed.

Supportive Living is also a great option for clients currently living in other states who would like to attend the PHP for Trauma and Mental Health in Los Angeles. Our center is in Sherman Oaks, CA and Athena House is in Encino, CA. Both locations are centrally located and within minutes from many Los Angeles based attractions.

If you or someone you know is interested in any of our services, please call us at 818-651-0725. All clients for IOP, PHP, or PHP with supportive living are clinically assessed for the appropriate level of care. If we find that you are not a good fit for our services or require a higher level of care, we will be happy to offer referrals for that as well.