Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Los Angeles CA

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy was developed by Pat Ogden, PhD to address the multi-faceted brain and body systems affected by trauma. This model integrates sensorimotor processing with cognitive and emotional processing in the treatment approach. Directly treating the effects of trauma on the body, facilitates emotional and cognitive processing and addresses the fragmented way in which trauma memories are stored.

Sensorimotor Therapy

In Los Angeles CA, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a comprehensive method that utilizes the body as a primary entry point in trauma treatment, while integrating cognitive and emotional processing as well. Sensorimotor processing is emphasized by teaching clients to mindfully track motor impulses, muscular tension, trembling and changes in posture, breathing and heart rate. Clients are taught to distinguish between physical sensations and trauma-based emotions through cultivating awareness of sensations as they fluctuate in texture, quality and intensity until the sensations themselves