What is PHP for Mental Health and Trauma?

PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program. This term is widely used in treatment programs that offer 6 or more hours of treatment per day, 5 days a week. PHP care can be provided outside of a hospital setting and must include psychiatry, as well as group and individual psychotherapy sessions.

Most often PHP Mental Health and PHP Trauma programs are appropriate for clients needing a higher level of care than IOP offers, but do not meet the criteria for residential treatment. Clients will be seen by a psychiatrist, while group and individual therapy sessions will be provided by licensed mental health professionals. At Trauma and Beyond the client’s schedule of services will be based on a comprehensive assessment. Each client’s program is individualized and will include 90 minutes of individual therapy daily, along with groups that are assigned based on information collected in the assessment process. Because we treat trauma and mental health, our group size is small. Each client comes to us with unique issues and needs. Therefore, the program is customized by assigning each client a primary therapist and adjunct therapists who can collaborate to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Some of the groups offered are DBT Skills, Seeking Safety, Working with Parts, Self-Compassion, TRM Skills, Process Group, Art Therapy, Intergenerational Trauma, Body Image, Creating Healthy Boundaries, and more.

Our PHP Program for Trauma and Mental Health can be a resource for clients who are in a significant amount of distress but have a supportive living environment that can provide safety and comfort at home. For clients who do not have this option, we can provide supportive living as well.

Our assessment process includes a clinical interview with our Program Director who is a Licensed Psychologist, as well as psychological testing. From this assessment we will recommend the appropriate level of care and construct a program schedule for those who will be attending PHP or IOP.

Our PHP Program for Trauma and Mental Health uses an integrative therapeutic approach to address issues. Combining top down and bottom-up therapies we address the mind, emotions, identity, nervous system, and the body. Some of these therapies are EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor, ACT, DBT, CBT, CPT, DEFT, Psychodynamic, Expressive Art Therapy, Trauma Informed Yoga, Mindfulness, and others.

If you are wondering if our PHP Program for Mental Health and Trauma is right for you, please call us at 818-651-0725.