IOP Trauma Treatment Center

Trauma and Beyond Center ® IOP Trauma Treatment Center

Unaddressed emotional trauma may develop into a life-changing force which could quickly spiral out of control and also seriously influence every aspect of a person’s life. Intense trauma can ruin relationships and take apart a whole life that’s been carefully built for years.  Severe trauma cases usually need intensive therapy programs that profoundly delve into…

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Trauma Treatment

The process of healing from trauma is best done with therapists who are compassionate, caring and supportive. It is often best to begin with intensive support such that you can receive in a program that is specific to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Trauma Treatment. Healing from trauma is a marathon not a race. Specialists…

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anxiety and depression

Tips for Practicing Gratitude

Willie Nelson once said “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” To be thankful for something everyday can reshape your worldview. The simple act of appreciation can transform your life, especially if you are prone to using escapism to avoid anxiety and depression. Ways to Show Gratitude: Jot it Down: Choose…

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Work From Home

Creating An Effective Work-From-Home Plan During Uncertain Times

The truth is, it is hard to stay focused during a worldwide pandemic. Uncertainty leaves people distracted, confused. But for the lucky ones that are able to work from home, the work still needs to be cranked out an X amount of time per week. Some people have declared this time a blessing to execute…

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Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

How to Help Your Employees During Hard Times

The role of an employer is critical. It comes with the responsibility of keeping track of each employee, maintaining a safe work environment for each employee, upholding a code of ethics, establishing trust, and preserving morale. When there is a collective hardship like COVID-19, you as an employer have to step up to honor the…

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a Depression in Los Angeles

Working Through a Depression in Los Angeles During College

Recent studies show that mental health issues are rampant in colleges. Up to 50% of students reported having poor mental health and 50% said they suffer from anxiety that affects their performance in school. The responsibilities bestowed on students to do well in multiple classes and focus on their future is an overwhelm that affects…

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