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Are you looking for PTSD treatment facilities in Los Angeles? Or your loved one needs a PTSD treatment? Look no further! At Trauma & Beyond, we provide complex post-traumatic stress disorder treatment in Los Angeles at an affordable price. Our services are top-notch, with success figures showing our professionalism in trauma and PTSD treatment around Los Angeles.

As a leading PTSD treatment center in Los Angeles, we aim to provide optimum trauma and PTSD services to the people of California. Our seasoned and professional therapist brings all phases of trauma education to the table. This includes valuable experiences and reviews from past patients who have overcome their PTSD.

In general, PTSD is a psychological state of health that is prompted by a frightening event. In some cases, individuals either witness or experience a terrifying event. The common symptoms include severe anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, or uncontrollable recaps about the horrible event.

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, i.e., PTSD, is a psychological disorder that often occurs among individuals with terrifying events. Examples of such includes; rape, war or combat, physical assault, natural disaster, terrorist act, etc.

Almost everyone with this disorder experiences deep and disturbing thoughts about their trauma. However, you may recall the scenes through flashbacks or nightmares; you may feel anger, fear, or sadness. In some cases, an individual may feel detached or estranged from friends and family.

Also, some people can go into isolation by avoiding scenes or people that may cause a flashback of the event. Some individuals may experience a significant conflicting response to regular events such as a loud noise or a random touch.

Possible Causes of PTSD?

Individuals who have witnessed or experience a terrifying event may be exposed to potential PTSD. Although going through horrifying events can cause PTSD, still, ongoing events that may result in PTSD includes:

  • Sexual abuse, physical, or emotional abuse.
  • Natural disasters, for instance, earthquakes or floods.
  • Murder, kidnapping, or home invasion by armed robbers.
  • Experiencing or witnessing community or school violence.
  • Having to go through losing a friend or family member who committed suicide.
  • Accidents, e.g., plane crashes or car accidents.

In general, it’s notable that any of the above events may trigger PTSD symptoms in any individual.

Furthermore, some common signs of PTSD sometimes represent the behavioral exhibition of stress-induced modifications in brain function and structure. Stress often leads to acute and chronic changes in some brain regions and neurochemical systems. This may alter the structure of the brain circuits responsible for stress response.

Some of our services include;
Complex trauma treatment,
Teen trauma treatment program,
Trauma and PTSD therapy sessions, etc. Our PTSD treatment center in Los Angeles is a serious endeavor. As such, we respect that you have overcome many uncertainties and fears to seek PTSD treatment facilities in Los Angeles. We at Trauma & Beyond are always ready to help you through the process with the best treatment.

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Ptsd Treatment Facilities Los Angeles

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