Trauma Treatment Programs

Trauma is an emotional response to an adverse event that occurs in a person’s life. Although facing a trauma is a normal reaction to an unpleasant incident, a continued state of trauma can disturb and even alter an individual’s life. Trauma impacts a person’s mental and emotional stability, making him unable to lead a happy and optimistic life. People who are under the traumatic effects are shaken and disoriented. Along with being absent-minded, a person also feels anxious, has nightmares, suffers edginess, low concentration, mood swings, anger, and emotional outburst.

Treating your sufferings through trauma treatment programs can help you return to a normal life, making you feel more lively than ever. Suppose you are also looking for an Integrative treatment for trauma for yourself or your loved ones. In that case, we advise you to take the professional consultation at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center. We have comprehensive plans to help you recover from your past miseries, from consultation to recommending the perfect trauma therapy for you.

Our Trauma Treatment Programs

At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center, we plan a therapy program based on your particular needs. We believe in a complete healing process that includes the mind and body. Our integrative trauma recovery plans include following

  • Consultation and evaluation: Finding the root of the trauma is essential to plan the right treatment for a patient. We help our clients first assess their problem and then devise a therapy plan accordingly. We have the best trauma therapists in Los Angeles, who will help you open those close windows, making you miss the beautiful world around you. By discussing your serious issues, we formulate a thorough recovery plan.
  • Group therapies: We provide our clients with the individual as well as group therapies. The best part about group therapies is that it allows every individual to boost each other’s confidence. Opening up about your hidden feelings and discussing it with others can help you get out of depression and stress, boost your self-confidence, and enable you to focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Outpatient therapy: This therapy is for people who have just had a trauma attack and need advice on how to handle their trauma. We advise you on various types and the number of sessions and plan your treatment on this basis. The therapy includes individual and group sessions and has proven beneficial for treating mental and physical pain.
  • Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP): If you have been ignoring your distressing situation for quite some time now, then we have this intensive trauma treatment to pull you out of your anguish. This level of treatment is for 3 hours a day and 3 to 5 days a week. You will have a primary and a specialist to make your treatment more effective.
  • Partial/Day treatment program (PHP): We provide PHP therapy for five days per week and 4-6 hours a day for clients who need intensive treatment. This program includes services such as EMDR, Sensorimotor, Yoga, Effect regulation, and Somatic experience. PHP is best for clients who don’t need residential treatment. In that case, we also refer our clients to a decent residency.

Trauma can make your life dull and complicated, giving rise to several other emotional and psychological issues. For immediate consultation, visit the leading traumatic center in Los Angeles.

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Trauma Treatment Programs

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