Depression Treatment Los Angeles

Depression Treatment Los Angeles

Unpleasant accidents, the loss of a loved one, facing a natural disaster, child abuse, or neglect, many events can leave a person in a condition of shock and denial. A traumatic event can have a negative impact on your life, making you feel disoriented, miserable, and make you lose interest in your life. In short, trauma can affect you mentally as well as physically. When it becomes impossible for a person to cope with a traumatic event, they eventually become depressed, leading to severe mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD and depression are correlated to each other as untreated PTSD can lead to stress and anxiety. A depressed person will feel intense emotions of anxiety, feeling of hopelessness, and helplessness, along with giving way to negative thoughts. As compared to adults, teenage depression is often misunderstood and, in some cases, disregarded. Depression affects a teen more seriously than you think. The teenager will become emotionally, physically, and socially wretched. To help them move on and achieve success in life, a teenager needs the best therapy for depression. Although there are various Depression treatment centers in Los Angeles, to obtain proper guidance and promising results, consult the specialists at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center.


So, what makes our company, Trauma and Beyond, the prominent depression rehab in LA? From the way we treat our patients to the forms of services that we offer, you will find our center a safe place to open up about the things locked up inside you. Our list of expertise include:

  • We provide our clients with a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their respective demands.
  • We design the treatment program after proper consultation and thorough assessment of your mental health.
  • Unlike other rehabs, we have three treatment options for depression, including Outpatient psychotherapy. Intensive outpatient program (IOP) Partial/Day treatment program (PHP)
  • We don’t rush to treat our clients. Our psychologists first assess your level of depression through consultation and then recommend proper treatment.
  • Along with individual plans, we also devise group treatments to boost our clients’ self-confidence and help them engage with others.
  • Contrary to other treatment centers in Los Angeles, we don’t stick to only one specific method. We use different treatment methods to make your therapy more effective.
  • Depression causes a person to become distinct and frightful in making relationships. With our attachment-relational therapy, we enable our clients to build stronger and bonding relations.
  • Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integral and quite productive part of teenage depression treatment. Our professionals in EMDR therapy help your mind to see the positivity in your life.
  • We provide Cognitive-behavioral therapy at our depression treatment Los Angeles program therapy, especially for teenagers. Our CBT treatment helps you organize your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in building up your character.
  • At Trauma and Beyond, we believe in the complete healing process. What separates us from other rehab is our integrative therapy strategies, which allow us to connect our client’s mind, body, and emotions compelling them to be optimistic towards life.

Trauma and depression can drain all the positive energy out of your life, leaving only negative thoughts and feelings. Still, we can help you get over your trauma using practical and promising techniques.

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Depression Treatment Los Angeles

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