Depression Treatment Sherman Oaks

Traditional depression treatment in Sherman Oaks isn’t always as effective as one would hope. If you’ve been prescribed medications for depression or have tried another type of treatment without long-term success, Trauma & Beyond can offer you a hope for a bright future. We provide holistic treatment for depression that seeks to fully heal patients so that depression is no longer an obstacle to quality living. If you’re interested in learning about our program, contact Trauma & Beyond for a complimentary phone consultation. Reach our team at 818-651-0725.

What Exactly Is Depression?

You may know what it feels like to live with depression, but do you truly understand what depression is and how it affects your life? The clinical definition of depression is that it’s a mood disorder characterized by phases of distorted thinking, personality changes, and feelings of being sad or low. While feeling sad is a normal part of life, when sadness carries over in the long term or significantly impacts life, intervention is often necessary to reclaim happiness and a sense of normalcy.

Key Benefits Of Holistic Depression Treatment In Sherman Oaks

Historically, the medical community has taken the position that depression is best treated with a combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. At Trauma & Beyond, we don’t agree that this is always the right approach. We’ve found that through a more holistic approach to treatment, patients often respond more fully and heal more completely from depression. Our program focuses on symptom management, but also targets areas of the brain capable of self-rewiring and self-healing.

3 Levels Of Care At Trauma & Beyond

Following a thorough assessment of your condition and working toward your individual goals, our team will recommend one of the following programs:

  1. Outpatient Therapy with individual therapy as the central point of focus at the beginning of treatment or after completing one of our other programs
  2. Trauma & Mental Health IOP, which is considered the ideal middle ground program between lower-level treatment and residential rehab
  3. Trauma & Mental Health PHP, or day treatment, is an intensive program that offers treatment delivered through individual, group, and family therapy

Are You Suffering From Depression?

If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions, you may need holistic treatment to reclaim your life from depression:

  • Do you feel constant guilt that you’re not good enough?
  • Do you feel an overwhelming sadness or a strong reaction to everyday occurrences?
  • Do you feel like you are afloat on the sea with no sense of direction?
  • Are you battling a sense of extreme loss?
  • Are you often fatigued or have trouble sleeping or eating?
  • Do you sleep through the day but never feel rested?

You can beat depression with help from specialists at Trauma & Beyond. Contact us for more information about depression treatment in Sherman Oaks; the call is free and your privacy is guaranteed. If you prefer that one of our clinicians contact you, fill out the brief form on our website and we’ll be in touch.

Depression Treatment Sherman Oaks

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