Trauma Treatment Services

Trauma can take many shapes and forms. Losing a loved one, childhood abuse, bullying at school, facing a natural disaster are some unusual events that may take you towards depression. With the help of trauma treatment services, people try to face their depression and find the path to recovery.

How to find the best trauma therapists in Los Angeles who can help you release all those negative thoughts out of your mind?

The ideal place to get quality trauma therapy is to consult our experts at Trauma And Beyond Physiological Center. Our extraordinary services and versatile methods of treatment is what makes us stand out amongst others. The first step in our trauma treatment services revolve around consultation, and then we try to find the root of your trauma.

Before And Aftermath Of Our Treatment Plans

We treat all our clients with their specific needs. Our promising intensive trauma treatment modalities have been useful for many traumatized individuals.

A mother came to us with her child with symptoms of the post-traumatic disorder (PTSD). He recently lost his beloved father. The child could not open up about his emotions, but our art therapy experts helped him convey his grief and feelings through colors, painting, and drawing. For a child, expressing his deep feelings in words is sometimes challenging, and art therapy allows the brain to cope with internal sentiments. The treatment was a success, and after only a few sessions, he started to live a happy, normal life.

We provided cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to a female client who was molested at work, leading her to fill her mind with negative thoughts and shattering her self-confidence into pieces. After the consultation, we realized that she needed intensive trauma treatment to re-evaluate her thinking and behavioral patterns. We provided her with our day treatment program that includes five sessions a week for 4-6 hours per day. We provided her individual and group sessions, and after the combined efforts of our therapists, we were able to retrieve her confidence and make her see the bright side of life.

Once, our therapists met with a teenage boy who was a victim of childhood abuse. The incident traumatized the poor boy to such an extent that he was traumatized of ever trusting anyone, causing him to destroy his personal and educational life. Our consultants recommended integrative trauma recovery for the depressed teenager. But with our experts in sensorimotor therapy, which involves the connection between the body and the mind, we were able to make him feel loved. The therapy allows a person to control their trauma responses. Also, it helps a patient to distinguish between physical sensation and trauma-based emotions.

A woman came to us right after facing a car accident. She developed a fear of driving and was having flashbacks of the crash. She was speaking incoherently, making it evident that she was under stress. We helped her with our exceptional and effective EMDR treatment. EMDR is an integrative treatment for trauma that helps a person to relieve stress. In EMDR, we recall a distressing event when your attention is diverted and helps cope with stress. We have encouraged several people to accept their fears and move on to a better life.

If you also want to benefit from our services, we are here to help you out. Contact Trauma and Beyond at 818-651-0725

Trauma Treatment Services

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