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Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common psychiatric disorder with an estimate that 1 in every 11 people will suffer from it in their lifetime, unbiased of their age, ethnicity, culture, etc. This disorder occurs as a result of trauma. The trauma can be one singular event, known as shock trauma – such as an accident, natural catastrophe, and etcetera. The trauma could be Complex post-traumatic stress disorder that occurs due to repeated unpleasant behavior – such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, childhood neglect, and etcetera.

The Four broad types of PTSD Symptoms are an intrusion, avoidance, alterations in cognition and mood, and alterations in arousal and reactivity. These symptoms differ in severity and duration for different individuals. PTSD is a treatable disorder but requires appropriate diagnosis and treatment; hence it is essential to seek help from a professional and reach out to a treatment facility.

Trauma & Beyond is one such top PTSD treatment center in Los Angeles. With a team of highly trained and expert psychiatrists, therapists, researchers, and advanced treatment programs, we at Trauma and Beyond have established a reputation for being the best Los Angeles trauma and PTSD therapist facility. We feel honored by such a reputation and firmly believe that all the success we have gained is our core values and the way we run our treatment programs.

Our Values: We at Trauma and Beyond have a set of core values that set a precedent and code of conduct for our team. We treat our patients as a family and try our best to connect with them and establish a complete trust relationship deeply. We take patient confidentiality very seriously; if a patient shares anything about their trauma privately with one of our therapists, the therapist cannot even share it with other therapists unless it is essential for the treatment process. We discuss all the available treatment options with the patients and their families to make them aware and trustful of the process and go with those they prefer. We also first gather information on the patient and the trauma they faced and its complexity, instead of rushing them into the first treatment available.

Our Aim: We believe that all PTSD patients can be helped significantly with a good treatment program that fits them the best, and their symptoms can drastically reduce or stop entirely. All we want is for our patients to enjoy a happy and positive life and help them move on from the denial or fear of the trauma they faced to face it head-on and defeat it. Whether it requires complex trauma treatment or shock trauma treatment, we believe that all patients can combat this disorder; they need a supporting team and an effective program that we aim to provide.

Our Team: Our team consists of highly trained, specialized individuals that share the same values and aim. We have experts for all kinds of program techniques offered in our rehab center. The team is friendly and accommodating to all patients despite their age, race, and nationality. We also have a few team members who specialize in teen psychology and effective ways to communicate with them, which is why our center is said to have the best Teen trauma treatment program in LA.

Contact Us: Contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with a PTSD treatment specialist for you or your loved one and learn more about the programs: 818-651-0725

Anxiety Treatment Centers Los Angeles

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