EMDR Treatment Program

Trauma and Beyond Center’s Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Treatment Program

It is commonly believed that severe emotional pain often takes a long period of time to heal. In traditional “talk” therapy, the individual is guided by the therapist each session into unlocking these emotions through words. Talking about the trauma can sometimes be painful and retraumatizing. Here at Trauma and Beyond Center ®, we offer…

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Somatic Treatment Program

Trauma and Beyond Center’s Somatic Treatment Program

Getting over severe trauma and emotional pain is an uphill battle that might seem impossible to win when you’re in the throes of an emotional breakdown. It’s difficult when you lose your bearings and can’t see through the haze when there’s nothing guiding you to shore. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatment options available today…

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Treatment Program

Trauma and Beyond Center’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Treatment Program

Unresolved trauma can be present for years and cause all types of symptoms and discomfort without a person even knowing it’s there. These deeply rooted, unresolved traumas can spontaneously burst out like a sudden eruption of anxiety and stress when triggered by memories or reminders of an event and can  cause the individual to have…

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Anxiety Treatment Program

Trauma and Beyond’s Anxiety Treatment Program

Experiencing some form of anxiety is normal for anyone, especially during times of uncertainty with the worldwide onslaught of Covid19 and the stresses that come with it. However, people with anxiety disorders have a tendency to have a more heightened, more intense experience which often manifests into physical symptoms, making  it difficult for them to…

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traumatic stress from Covid 19

Traumatic Stress from Covid 19: Dealing with Psychological Trauma

Trauma can stem from all manner of events. It can result from life-threatening or violent occurrences, emotional abuse, or any stress-inducing incidents that tend to overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope. This inability to cope can manifest itself in several different ways both physically and emotionally which is why it is absolutely essential to seek…

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Trauma Informed Therapy near me

Treating Compulsive Behaviors Through-Trauma Informed Therapy Near Me

Compulsive Behaviors such as gambling, pornography, sex, shopping, can hijack parts of the brain and manipulate the brain into believing that something harmful is necessary for functioning. It most strongly affects the limbic system and the reward system part of the brain. As a result, cravings, desire for reward, begin to happen and hazardous habits…

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