Anxiety Treatment Program

Trauma and Beyond’s Anxiety Treatment Program

Experiencing some form of anxiety is normal for anyone, especially during times of uncertainty with the worldwide onslaught of Covid19 and the stresses that come with it. However, people with anxiety disorders have a tendency to have a more heightened, more intense experience which often manifests into physical symptoms, making  it difficult for them to…

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Best Trauma-Informed Therapy

Best Trauma-Informed Therapy: The Root of the Matter

Have you tried other forms of therapy but find that they can’t do much for your addiction? Did you go to other therapy centers (even psychological ones) and discover that they couldn’t help? Here at the Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center, we focus on trauma-informed therapy. This is the kind of therapy that doesn’t just treat…

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“Free Tele-Therapy Groups” for Anxiety and Stress

Free Tele-Therapy Groups for Anxiety and Stress

Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center is now offering free online groups for Californians dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. These psycho-educational groups will help you to learn tools to use while sheltering at home! We are in this together and by staying connected and doing what we can to help one another we will make it through. We are offering 2…

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