Best Trauma-Informed Therapy

Best Trauma-Informed Therapy: The Root of the Matter

Have you tried other forms of therapy but find that they can’t do much for your addiction? Did you go to other therapy centers (even psychological ones) and discover that they couldn’t help? Here at the Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center, we focus on trauma-informed therapy. This is the kind of therapy that doesn’t just treat the addiction, it treats what’s causing the addiction. We’ve found that this is the best, most effective way to help someone lead the life that they want to live. 

Why Trauma-Informed Therapy 

When you’re in the throes of addiction, it makes sense to treat the addiction. After all, the addiction is what’s causing the problem right now, the problem that everyone can see. You’re addicted to alcohol or some other kind of substance, so it stands to reason that this is what has to be dealt with first. That’s how a lot of treatment works at other places. They’ll deal with the addiction and that’s that. But, when that happens, it just treats the addiction (if, indeed, it even treats that). It does nothing about what caused the addiction. 

What Can Too Often Happen 

When the underlying traumas aren’t dealt with, they’ll remain. That can make any success in dealing with the addiction ultimately hollow. This increases the chance of relapse greatly because what caused the addiction is still there. The underlying traumas can fester, and rise up at any moment. When they do, in all likelihood, unfortunately, the addiction can return. Until those underlying traumas are dealt with, they’ll be waiting to undermine any progress made on the addiction or the psychological health of the patient. 

Best Trauma-Informed Therapy

Experienced Therapists 

Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center  we’ve helped people for so many years to deal with their underlying traumas. Many don’t even realize that they have underlying traumas. They might have forgotten about them, as odd as that may sound. They just know that they’ve been unhappy, that they feel unfulfilled, and something has felt wrong, for many of them. As you might imagine, discovering and dealing with these traumas is not easy. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things that a person could ultimately do. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding. Being able to find these underlying traumas and then overcome them can be one of (if not the) most important step towards leading a happy, sober life. 

A Treatment for You 

Every patient is different. Every person who is struggling with addiction or any other kind of issue is unique. Indeed, as their underlying traumas are unique so too are their symptoms. So, the treatments that they receive have to be unique as well. At Trauma and Beyond we can put together a treatment that’s right for you and just as importantly, unique to you. What worked for someone else isn’t going to be right for you, so we devise a treatment that’s for your needs and no one else’s. For more: (818) 651-0725