Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

Safety, Trust, and Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®, we know that you have many different options for mental health treatment in Los Angeles. If you search for “mental health treatment near me” or something similar, you’re liable to come up with hundreds (or more) responses. When we established Trauma and Beyond ®  we did so with…

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Anxiety in Los Angeles

Mindfulness: One Way to Deal with Anxiety in Los Angeles and More

“Mindfulness” may feel like the new buzzword in psychological treatment, but the term has been used in psychological treatment for decades and in spiritual realms for centuries.  Mindfulness has been proven to be an effective way to deal with anxiety and other symptoms, in fact, the “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” program was instituted at the University…

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Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks for Dissociation

Often people who have experienced trauma suffer from dissociation but what does that mean.  The word dissociation can have several meanings. In the DSM-5 dissociation is characterized by a disruption in consciousness, memory, identity, emotion, and more.  However, dissociation occurs on a spectrum. We all dissociate at some times. It can be as simple as…

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Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Support for Those Dealing with Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Everything about dealing with childhood trauma is difficult. You may not be aware of just what kind of impact childhood trauma has had on you. For so many people, they’re still dealing with the fallout from childhood trauma every day of their lives, even if they don’t realize it. If you’ve ever thought “I’m so…

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securely attached in relationships

Become more Securely Attached in Relationships

All infants have an inherent need to attach to their parents or primary caregivers.  In fact their life depends on it. Not only is the helpless infant dependent on parents for food, shelter and safety, infants are born needing much more in order to feel securely attached in relationships. We know that infants need their parents…

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