Working on Your Relationship While in Quarantine

For those who are in quarantine with their significant others, unease may be in the air as each person is subject to feeling more triggered than usual. During a vulnerable period, it is imperative to find stability and understanding to co-habituate in peace and even have the relationship thrive. Here are some ways to keep…

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Sex and Love Addiction

How Trauma Is At the Base of Compulsive Behaviors towards Sex and Love

Currently experts recognize process issues, compulsive behaviors including gambling, gaming, video, and shopping.  However, compulsive behaviors around sex and love can also destroy lives and relationships and is often rooted in severe trauma that can make it difficult to escape. Compulsive Behaviors in Sex and love are not always acknowledged or understood as maladaptive trauma…

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relationship issues

When Relationships Don’t Work

Often times those struggling with relationships are well aware of patterns that keep showing up no matter who their partner is.  They may find someone who seems quite different in the beginning only to notice later in the relationship that many of the problems they experienced with other partners are showing up again. Other’s struggle…

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