certified trauma professional team in los angeles

Certified Trauma Professional Team

In these blogs, we talk quite a bit about how we treat patients. We go over how we treat the underlying traumas, which cause the symptoms that hurt our lives. Addictions and other negativity are caused by those traumas and we may not realize it. Of course, to treat all of that, the Trauma and Beyond Center has a certified trauma professional team. Each of our members is highly qualified with years of experience. When you contact us, we’ll figure out the best way to help you going forward. In this blog, we’ll talk a bit about our team, their qualifications, and how we can help you.

TRM Certified Trauma Professional

Many of our trauma professionals are certified in “TRM,” which stands for “Trauma Resiliency Model.” This model addresses trauma gently. It does so in an invitational manner. It uses both a top-down focus as well as a bottom-up one. Body-centered, this approach explores the biology of fear. It’s primarily concerned with the autonomic, natural defensive responses that happen within a person when they’re faced with a dangerous situation. This approach works to restore balance to one’s body and mind after they’ve been through a traumatic experience. The end goal of it is to connect with your inner resources. Through that, you can facilitate the development of new neural circuits, so as to live the life you want.

How TRM Works

TRM is designed to teach clients nine separate skills in self-regulation. What makes these skills so potent is that the client can use them once they leave the therapist’s as well. That way, you can use these skills in your regular life to live the way that you want to. A big part of this is called “tracking,” which here means that clients develop the ability to observe their body sensations without judging. “Resourcing” is another important skill here. It is the ability to change your feeling by recalling a memory that’s connected with being calm or joyful. “Grounding” is exactly what it sounds like: it asks clients to focus on their feet touching the floor, their body’s connection to a chair, observing and naming what is in a room. This is all done to bring the client to their current, present moment.

certified trauma professional team in los angeles

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Many of our trained professionals are experts in “EMDR” as well. This approach helps a person’s mind to heal in a way that’s faster and more complete than other kinds of psychotherapies. The goal here is to remove blocks in the body that could potentially thwart healing. Another goal of this therapy is to completely activate the natural healing processes within the brain. Our pros have used this therapy to quite a bit of success. In fact, it’s lead to many patients developing an increasing sense of safety. In turn, that’s lead them to have a greater capacity to form closer, rewarding relationships.

Beyond Symptom Reduction

That’s what EMDR is designed to move beyond simple symptom reduction. After all, symptom reduction, on its own, is often temporary. Without treating the underlying traumas we all as developing the resources of strength inside, the symptoms are liable to come back. EMDR helps to develop self-worth experiences, joyful experiences and a greater sense of connection with others. Research has shown that it can be successful for all different kinds of people: from people who have suffered childhood abuse to those with PTSD, it has been effective in a wide variety of contexts.

Of course, as you may be thinking after reading through this blog so far, these two different kinds of methods couldn’t be more different from each other. This is where it’s so critical that we have a great team of trained professionals. They can figure out which kind of method is perfect for you. After all, those are just a couple of the kinds of approaches that we offer. When our pros sit down with you, they’ll go over your past and then figure out the right kind of approach for you to live the life that you want to live.

No two people are the same, and neither are the traumas they’ve been through. A “one size fits all” ethos does not work here. Every person is different, and each needs a customized treatment plan for their needs. With our pros’ years of experience, they know what goes into a successful treatment plan. They’ve seen so many people come into our center with symptoms, and leave ready to take control of their own lives for good. It is possible. The first step is a free phone consultation. You can schedule one of those by calling us at (818) 651-0725 or going to our site. From there, a trained professional will figure out the best course of action for your best life.