addiction treatment in sherman oaks

Help for Compulsive Behaviors in Sherman Oaks

Compulsive Behaviors can take over your life.  It can be hard to think about anything else. Whether you want to stop or not, it can feel like everything is outside of your control. It can feel like your own body is working against you; keeping you from making any positive gains in your life. As cliché as this might sound, it’s important to keep in mind that there is help. Our treatment specialists can help you to overcome not only your compulsive behaviors and ut also work with you to discover and heal the deeper underlying trauma. Trauma and Beyond has professional specialists who are trained in treating trauma and compulsive behaviors in Sherman Oaks

Compulsive Behavior Help in Sherman Oaks

Overcoming maladaptive behaviors is not easy. No matter how much you are motivated to change it will be difficult alone. However, at the Trauma and Beyond Center, we can create individualized plans to support you. We will continue through the treatment process guiding your treatment collaboratively with you. Our team here at Trauma and Beyond have vast experience in muulti-diagnosis treatment. Many of our clients have tried treatment before but did not achieve the results they were looking for until they were able to address the whole being through our integrative approach.

A Better Way to Cope

Compulsive behaviors may be a way that someone has learned to cope with daily life, sex, love, pornography, gambling, shopping, internet, binge watching tv, exercise, becomes the way that many learn to cope with daily life.

addiction treatment in sherman oaks

Removing the Band-Aid

Compulsive Behaviors can mask underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, feelings of isolation and insecurity. Helpful therapy is going to address these underlying issues at the same time as addressing the maladaptive behaviors itself. Maladaptive Behaviors acts as a Band-Aid that masks or cover wounds that are too painful. However, the solution (the Band-Aid) then becomes its own problem.

Developing Healthy Habits

The development of any coping mechanism, is meant to protect us or enhance our lives. Hence these adaptive strategies too cope with maladaptive situations. Due to its protective qualities, it becomes necessary to replace and build new strategies for dealing with difficulties and life. In treatment we learn that what was once adaptive to something maladaptive ultimately creates more dysfunction and limitations becoming large problems in and of themselves. In essence, our work becomes about helping you to develop new skills and strategies that are life enhancing rather than life-limiting.

When clients have an increased capacity to regulate their emotions, make healthier choices, and increase resiliency they are able to be more present in their lives and in the lives of others.

We’ve found that our patients who eventually develop the ability to do this have more fulfilling lives overall and no longer needs “band-aids,” to cover up their internal worlds.

At Trauma and Beyond our mind, body, spirit approach allows us to treat the entire person. You can start with this today. To move forward with your recovery or for any questions about our treatment please call us at (818) 651-0725. We can set up a free phone consultation, or you can go through our site.