psychological trauma center in Los Angeles near me

How Our Psychological Trauma Center in Los Angeles Works

While there are other centers dealing with trauma in the Los Angeles area, Trauma and Beyond in Los Angeles brings a unique perspective.  The therapists at Trauma and Beyond are experienced and specifically trained in working with trauma. Dealing with both shock and developmental trauma requires an integrative approach working with mind body and spirit.  

We know that you have a lot of options in looking for help with psychological trauma in Los Angeles. Some of the largest centers in the world are here, after all. That being said, our center brings a unique perspective. Backed by trained professionals who have been doing this for a long period of time, we can help you to face the underlying traumas that manifest themselves as negativity in your life and ultimately to overcome them. In this blog, we’ll go over how we do that as well as some more ways that we can help.

Psychological Trauma in Los Angeles Help

Healing from psychological trauma is a relational process, it isn’t something that a person does on their own. Healing is a collaborative process between you and your treatment team.  Each client is unique and we offer the ability to customize your treatment experience in a way that works for you. The process is about safety, reprocessing, and discovery of something new.  


Living Without the Shadow of the Past

Trauma often limits and restricts our experience.  We often experience and see the world colored by our past. Healing means being able to integrate the past so that it no longer has a hold on the present.  With healing comes a wider range of choices and possibilities.


They don’t want to feel held back or hurt by old pains, old trauma, and old coping mechanisms that aren’t working anymore. People want to be able to achieve their goals and successfully work through and overcome their life dilemmas. That’s what our center can help you to do. We can go over your early life experiences (and more) to discover what’s at the root of your problems. That’s not where this stops, however.

 psychological trauma center in Los Angeles near me

A More Fulfilling Life

We listen to our patients. That’s one of the most important roles that trained trauma professionals like ourselves can fulfill for a patient – that of a listener. Of course, we do so much more than that. We make sure to listen with attunement, curiosity, and empathy. Over the years, we’ve found that’s one of the best ways to help patients to explore and to grow in their own lives. You can live the life that you’ve wanted to live. You don’t have to feel held back anymore. That’s where we can help.

Moving Forward

Our treatment is designed to support increased feelings of aliveness.  (?)

When many of our patients (probably a majority) come to us, they say some version of how they feel “stuck” or how they feel “overwhelmed.” When you’ve suffered traumas early in life, that’s natural. That’s understandable. Therapy can help you to move forward towards not just living the life that you want to live, but creating the space for it to exist as well. We can help you to do so through a mind-body-spirit perspective. That means that we treat all three aspects, the mind, the body, and the spirit. We don’t just treat the symptom. That doesn’t work. To solve the symptom, you have to treat the underlying trauma.

When we say “the symptom,” what we mean is the manifestation of the trauma. For many, that’s an addiction. For others, it’s an overwhelming sense of anxiety or stress. For still others, those symptoms are alcoholism, substance abuse, relationship issues and a whole lot more. If you’ve gone to other places and the treatment hasn’t taken, often that’s because they just treated the symptom. We believe that, like a weed, for symptoms to be cured, they have to be taken out by the roots. That’s’ where we go about treating your underlying traumas.

When we say “underlying traumas,” it’s important to note that we’re not just talking about going over hurts from the past again and again. What we’re ultimately trying to do is make you stronger and feel better. So, that means that we also want to increase your resiliency, too. That means that we want to help you to grow your strengths. That way, even once you leave our center, you’ll be able to do more for yourself. You’ll be able to live your life on your terms, taking anything that life happens to throw at you in stride. We want you to be able to claim your life for good.

It’s important to note that nothing we’re talking about in this blog is easy. Everything in here is difficult, and there’s no one set easy way to change. Everyone’s path is different. That’s where our trained pros come in. We can sit down with you and figure out the best path forward for you and your needs. We’re always glad to talk to prospective patients at our center. To set up a free phone consultation or to get more information, give us a call at (818) 651-0725 or head to our site.