depression Los Angeles

Utilizing Art Therapy to Treat Depression in Los Angeles

Of all of the different therapeutic modalities that we offer, art therapy can be one that is often misunderstood.  Instead of going over what art therapy isn’t, we’ll tell you what it is: a way for our clients to explore and improve their mood and feelings when words are not enough. That is particularly true if they’ve been dealing with past traumas. Art therapy can be a powerful tool in treating depression Los Angeles in many ways. We’ve used it to help our clients safely explore their emotions, understand their inner-world and and explore overcome unresolved trauma in a gentle way. 

More than Words 

Art therapy can be greatly beneficial in dealing with depression. However, it can also help with many other issues, too. What makes art therapy so helpful for many is that it allows patients to express their thoughts and feelings without speaking. So, if you feel very out of touch with your feelings and emotions, then art therapy could be right for you. By having another creative method by which you can express yourself, you can “say” the things that you might not be able to say verbally. 

Beyond Depression in Los Angeles: What Art Therapy Helps With 

Beyond depression itself, we’ve found that art therapy can be very helpful with anxiety and stress. When it feels like all you can do is focus on the problems in your life, and like you’re stuck in a vortex, art therapy can be utilized to bring focus to resources. By that same token, we’ve found that it can be a helpful addition in the treatment of  substance abuse and even PTSD. Before starting our PHP or IOP treatment programs, we’ll give you a thorough assessment. Based on that, we recommend a treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs. Art therapy may be a part of that plan. 

depression Los Angeles

What Art Therapy Consists Of 

So much of art therapy consists of being creative and of creatively expressing yourself. You don’t need to be an artist or have any experience with are to benefit from art therapy. It may consist of painting, drawing, using clay, collage or other materials.  Exploring the details and the process are integral to art therapy

Making Something, Remaking Yourself 

Art therapy can be fun;making of pottery, collaging, sculpting, molding clay into shapes, and all of that, but is done with a purpose. The therapeutic value can be immense. It’s about helping our clients to heal what’s been holding them back.  To start with Trauma and Beyond Center ®, you can schedule an initial consultation with us by calling (818) 651-0725.