Depression in Los Angeles

Benefits of Treating Depression in Los Angeles with NARM

How do you heal a wound that you can’t see? At the Trauma and Beyond Center, many of our clients come to us because of depression and underlying trauma that is causing distress. We provide the kind of therapeutic modalities that can help you to move forward and heal from trauma so that you can better live your life. One particular form of treatment is called “NARM,” which stands for the NeuroAffective Relational Model. Treating depression in Los Angeles with NARM is extremely gentle yet effective in healing. 

The Foundations of NARM

At the core of NARM, there are five primary organizing principles. NARM is meant to support connection to yourself and others as trauma often dampens our ability to connect.  Repairing the nervous system by exploring identity, bodily sensations and patterns of holding stress as well as meaning and beliefs. Beyond that, it supports emotional completion of unprocessed, unintegrated trauma that you may or may not be aware of. NARM works in the  present examining difficulties in the present, we can learn about patterns and responses that are not working. NARM works to increase emotional regulation, and enhance growth.  

Depression in Los Angeles

Treating Depression in Los Angeles: How NARM Works 

The clinical therapeutic process of NARM is based on four pillars. The first one is called “Clarifying Therapeutic Contract.” In this, the client sets the intention of the work to be done. Together, we collaborate on what the focus will be.  Together we explore areas of discomfort, distress or stuckness. NARM practitioners will ask exploratory questions, with the assumption that all humans have the desire to grow toward health. Our role is to be the guide.  

The third pillar of NARM is “Reinforcing Agency.”  NARM therapists will highlight and focus on strengths, success and change that you have been experiencing.  We look at past survival strategies and acknowledge new ways of being that are more adaptive. Focusing on the last pillar of NARM “Reflecting Positive Shifts “ we hone in  on anchoring physical, cognitive, relational, behavioral, and emotional shifts inside your body. These new ways of being can override prior, limiting identifications and survival responses that are no longer useful. 

Many Ways to Treat Depression in Los Angeles 

NARM is just one of the modalities we use at the Trauma and Beyond Center. When you come to us, our treatment team will devise a unique, specific plan for your needs whether it is for depression, addiction or trauma. Through our assessment process we will recommend therapeutic modalities that would most helpful to you and then build a treatment plan accordingly.  Our clinicians have years of experience in treating not just the symptoms but the underlying issues. To start the process, you can send us a message through our site or, alternately, you can give the Trauma and Beyond Center ® a phone call at (818) 651-0725