Couples Therapy in Los Angeles CA

Individual, Group, and Couples Therapy in Los Angeles CA for Trauma

Just as there are different types of trauma, there are different kinds of therapy. Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, we offer many different forms of therapy and therapeutic modalities. That way, you get the treatment that’s exactly right for your needs. Some of our clients are best served by individual therapy, one on one with a licensed trauma focused therapist. Still, others do better in group therapy, where there are peers from which to get other’s perspective and experience. Additionally, many of our clients benefit from couples therapy in Los Angeles CA, where you and your partner speak to our therapist at the same time. 

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles CA

Couples therapy or relationship therapy can be very useful when you and your partner are unable to resolve issues, or patterns on your own. Relationship problems can be painful and can range from disagreements and fights to a growing disconnection or loss of an important bond. When this occurs, Couples Therapy in Los Angeles CA can help. We can meet with you once a week or more so that you and your partner can heal and grow together. 

Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy is a daily part of our Intensive Outpatient and Day Treatment/PHP programs. Here, you’ll meet with a therapist one on one. Over the course of multiple sessions, the two of you will explore your life, how you “are” in the present, and the trauma that may have brought you to treatment, those you are aware of and those you may not be aware of. From there, you and the therapist will work together to explore and integrate parts of your experience: body, emotions, and thoughts, that may not have been able to integrate due to traumatic experiences. Individual therapy can take many forms at our site. If you click on “treatment methods,” for example, you’ll find several modalities of therapy that we may use in treatment with you. 

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles CA


Group Therapy 

In our group therapy, you’ll be with others who are going through the same struggles as you are. Many find group therapy helpful because they can see and talk to others that are having the same problems. They can learn from someone who’s farther along in the recovery process. By that same token, they can use some of what they’ve learned to connect to someone who’s just starting out on their recovery. 

Types of Groups 

We have many different kinds of groups at Trauma and Beyond Center ®. Clients may take part in groups focused on Spirituality, TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model), Seeking Safety, DBT, Mindfulness,Trauma Skills, Trauma Informed Yoga and Process groups. Additionally we offer an outpatient group on “Women’s Empowerment” that meets on Thursdays at 6 PM, focusing on  “building self-awareness and support from other women.”. These are just some of the groups that we have running at one time or another. The above are just some of the ways that we can treat you, to help you through your traumas. To schedule an initial consultation with Trauma and Beyond ®, you can message us through our site or call (818) 651-0725. We’ll build a treatment program just for you.