PTSD in Los Angeles

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is complex and takes specialized training to support clients in achieving resolution of distress and dysregulation. Because of this specialization, trauma informed services may be difficult to find. At Trauma and Beyond Center, we provide treatment for PTSD in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.  Finding the right treatment is an essential step toward recovery and healthier functioning.

Understanding PTSD

As described by the name, PTSD occurs in the aftermath of trauma. Traumatic events can include warfare, natural disasters, violence, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse or assault, or any event that would overwhelm the nervous system and cause fear for one’s safety or the safety of others.  Sufferers may experience a range of symptoms, from disturbing dreams and flashbacks; intrusive images and thoughts; distress at minor events which occur throughout the day; anxiety; lack of sleep; hypervigilance; avoidance including addiction, inability to feel, and overwhelming feelings of guilt, anger, sadness and shame. You may experience many or only a few of these symptoms when you suffer from PTSD.

PTSD in Los Angeles

Trauma Informed Therapy

At Trauma and Beyond ® , we practice trauma informed therapy. This type of treatment is very important for the healing process, and is very different from classical forms of psychotherapy in important ways. Unlike the latter, which focuses on left brain healing, right brain psychotherapy utilizes a relational approach and incorporates awareness of bodily sensations, emotional responses, relational resonance, and thought restructuring  to generate deeper healing. Trauma informed therapies include EMDR, TRM. SE, NARM, SP.

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If you are seeking treatment from the symptoms of PTSD in Los Angeles, we know that making that first phone call can be difficult. Please call us for a confidential free telephone consultation. Trauma and Beyond ® can help you with their innovative therapy methods and practices so you may start to resolve the symptoms of trauma in your life. Through trauma therapy, individuals can begin to move towards empowerment, passion, joy, and aliveness. To speak to a member of our team call (818) 351-3511 extension number 1 or 2. You can also contact us using our online form to fill in your details.