Sexual Abuse

Get Help with the Long-Term Effects of Your Sexual Abuse

One in 5 women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives. In 8 out of 10 cases of rape the victim knew the person who sexually assaulted them. One in 4 girls and one in 6 boys will be sexually abuse before they turn 18, according to the National Sexual-Violence Resource Center.  The long lasting effects of sexual abuse can greatly impact a person’s ability to have healthy relationships, develop trust, to their ability to feel safe in the world. Often sexual abuse goes unreported due to shame or embarrassment or fear. Often victims blame themselves. Some individuals feel guilty and shame about their bodies natural response of pleasure even during an unwanted or  horrific incident. At Trauma and Beyond ® our trauma informed therapists will work with you to support the healing process.

The Long Term Effects of Such Abuse

The kind of abuse which relates to unwanted sexual contact, either as a child or an adult, can be extremely traumatic, and the effects of this trauma can be long-lasting. The emotional pain and suffering can be conscious or unconscious, and often it is felt strongly in the body potentially leading towards physical illness. Traumatic memories can also present as symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorder, and overall  dysregulation or dissociation. The individual may try to deny or avoid talking about the trauma, such as is see with Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms of avoidance, or can suffer with flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty, sleeping, and eating along with mood shifts, and ongoing difficulty with adult sexual relationships.

Sexual Abuse

Recovering From Trauma

In the aftermath of such a trauma, it is important to seek assistance from a professional. Without treatment, the trauma will likely affect your view of the world, your ability to cope with other relational experiences, and cause distress. Without addressing these often long-term problems, capacity for creating intimacy in relationships with work or family may suffer.  We are here to support you in working through the trauma and the long-term effects. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with all types of trauma and conflict. Our phase base model begins with developing safety and a place for you to safely learn how to manage symptoms without having to relive the traumatic episodes. It is only after the most problematic symptoms have been relieved and new skills for self-regulation have been adapted will we begin to process the trauma memories directly.

Start a New Life Today

In the aftermath of sexual abuse, it is common to shut down and cease to live as you had before.  At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ® we help you create new possibilities, new choices, towards leading a more joyful life. For help with this kind of trauma and any other psychological distress, contact us now by leaving your email and phone number here and we will get back to you, or call us on (818) 651-0725 to speak to a member of our team today.