Effective Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

Effective Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

We take pride in offering effective trauma treatment in Los Angeles for our clients. With a wide variety of different treatment methods to select from, we can treat underlying trauma in a way that will help you on the journey to resilience.  We offer somatic based therapies, right brain psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, music therapy, and many other methods through to fit each unique individual. In our blogs, we like to highlight some treatment methods that our readers may not be as familiar with. One such treatment method is called “TRM” or “Trauma Resiliency Model.”

Resiliency in the Face of Life’s Obstacles

Life can be stressful. Simply getting through the day can be a challenge. Each was born with an inner sense of resiliency, but for many of us, this sense (or “zone”) of resiliency isn’t adequately developed. We may react to the day’s stressors in negative or self-defeating ways: with depression, anxiety, self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, self-harm and more. Through TRM, we can help strengthen or increase your zone of resiliency. That way, you can learn to better deal with all of life’s different stressors and learn to face daily challenges from a more resilient and regulated perspective in order to make more positive, better-informed decisions.

Effective Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

Methods of TRM

We all have traumatic memories. For some of us, experiences that are traumatic and stressful can perpetuate a biological process of dysregulation and fight/flight/freeze response which can be extremely detrimental to well-being. TRM can help to change that. By essentially resetting the nervous system, it can allow us to change our relationship to stressors so that we can ultimately live healthier. Beyond that, TRM helps provide a sense of self-care. Taking care of yourself is an important skill to develop, as that can help you to overcome your underlying traumas and step forward into your life.

Skills of TRM

TRM is based upon a set of nine skills. These do not work in ascending, linear order. You don’t go from one and then graduate to the next. Instead, they’re different skills that your trained, professional therapist may work through with you. So, when you come to the Trauma and Beyond Center ® and work with a therapist, they may have you focus entirely on “Grounding,” which is an important skill for being fully present within a given moment. They may have you focus on “titration,” which is where you are exposed to feelings of distress in small tirated ways to help build resilience. Your therapist will take you through TRM in a way that’s ultimately most beneficial to you.

More than Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

We’ve helped so many to move past their underlying traumas, but we know how difficult that can be. That’s why we offer as many different treatment methods as possible to help combat depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse, grief and loss, sexual trauma and more. TRM may be the treatment that you’ve been searching for, or it might not be for you. When we meet with you for an evaluation at Trauma and Beyond Center ® , we will put together a plan that incorporates all of the most effective forms of therapy for you. We can start the process when you give us a call at (818) 651-0725.