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Many Ways to Help Depression in Los Angeles

When people think of ways to treat depression, they tend to think of cognitive behavioral therapy or something similar. That can be highly effective, but it’s far from the only proven way to treat depression. At the Trauma and Beyond Center, we have several different kinds of treatment methods. When you come to us, we can sit down with you to figure out the best way to help your depression. For example, music therapy has shown itself to be one of the most effective ways we have to treat depression in Los Angeles.

Treating Depression in Los Angeles with Music Therapy

Hearing the phrase “music therapy,” a person might be inclined to think it’s just someone with depression sitting in a room while music plays. This therapy is far more than that. See, trauma isn’t stored just in our minds or anything like that. Often, trauma is stored at non-verbal levels. It’s rooted in the places in our bodies where there are no words, with no way to verbalize. Music therapy then is a way to facilitate connection to experiences that may not be communicable language.

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Benefits of Music Therapy

Studies have shown that music therapy can provide many different benefits. One way it has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of depression is through decreasing anxiety. Many of the people who come to us for help with depression feel a lack of motivation to improve their lives. Music therapy can help to increase that motivation so that you can feel that energy to do what you want with your life. Indeed, music therapy has been linked to increased self-esteem, meaning that it can help people to feel better about themselves.

More Art Therapy than Just Music Therapy

“Music therapy” and “art therapy” can be two separate things. Here at the Trauma and Beyond ®, we have a professional art therapist. Beyond just the music itself, the benefits of this therapy are that it engages the mind and spirit, too. That means that it uses symbolic, perceptual and sensory communication to help one engage with emotions and experiences they may not be able to otherwise. Of course, our art therapist is at a Master’s Level. They cultivate a safe, secure environment within which to explore one’s experiences through art.

A Therapy for You

Art therapy and music therapy are just a couple of the many different treatment methods that we offer for depression. They may be exactly the kinds of therapy that you’ve been looking for. However, they might not be as effective for you. That’s where our top-level staff comes in. When you come to us, we’ll put together a comprehensive and unique therapy plan just for you. We’ll build a treatment plan that’s right for you and you alone. That way, you can have a therapy that’s tailored specifically to your traumas, so that you can overcome them as well as your symptoms. For a complimentary free phone consultation, call (818) 651-0725.