Art Therapy

Art Therapy to Tap into the Unconscious Mind

A moment spent admiring artwork can be transcendental, ethereal. It is a powerful way in which humans can connect–through emotions. It is also where the observer can catch a glimpse of the artist’s innermost truths that reside in the unconscious mind. As the surrealist movement aimed to rebel against the rational mind to unveil the…

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ways to treat depression

Many Ways to Help Depression in Los Angeles

When people think of ways to treat depression, they tend to think of cognitive behavioral therapy or something similar. That can be highly effective, but it’s far from the only proven way to treat depression. At the Trauma and Beyond Center, we have several different kinds of treatment methods. When you come to us, we…

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EMDR for Healing Trauma – Trauma and Beyond Center ®

Sometimes we find ourselves reacting to situations, words, and people in ways that we do not understand. These reactions may seem irrational, confusing, and even frustrating because we do not know why our reaction had been so strong.  It can happen in a social outing, at work or in any interaction with others. We may…

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