yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

Walk through an urban city’s popular neighborhood and it is more than likely saturated with yoga studios and wellness centers. For good reason. Yoga has been reported to provide a variety of benefits for people of all ages, especially for people living with anxiety and trauma. With trauma sensitive yoga therapy, an individualized approach, you can reap many benefits to help cope with anxiety and trauma.

yoga therapy

What is yoga?

Yoga is said to have been developed in India 5000 years ago, and it has now spread throughout the globe. The practice of yoga consists of utilizing a system of breathing methods, meditation, and physical exercise to create union within the mind, body, spirit, and the world. The techniques are meant to improve the practitioner’s overall quality of life by attaining awareness and fulfillment. 

What is yoga therapy?

While yoga in a group setting or at home can be beneficial, yoga therapy can help you cope with trauma that is deeply rooted in the body.  Trauma sensitive yoga therapy is individualized and designed to target your specific needs in a sustainable pace. Yoga therapy can address underlying issues, how to recognize them in the body, and ways to respond to triggers. With yoga therapy, addresses mental, physical, and emotional needs.

Sessions with a yoga therapist can be on an individual basis or with a small group, uniquely tailored for you and each participant. In a yoga therapy session, you can expect to go through an intake with your therapist so that your therapist fully understands your medical and mental health history and will collaborate with you about your needs. You may also be asked to engage in breathing exercises and yoga postures so that will help your therapist determine which practices are suitable for you. Your yoga therapist may assign homework to you so that you stay consistent with your new tools. 

 Not all yoga teachers are qualified to be certified trauma sensative yoga therapists. To be a yoga therapist, a teacher must complete a minimum of 1000 hour curriculum and practicum which ensures that the teacher is not only seasoned, but has an extensive understanding of the physical body and yoga practice as it relates to the bodies response to trauma. 

Why yoga therapy?

Yoga has earned a good reputation because it has a multitude of benefits, including decreasing anxiety and increasing people’s happiness. Yoga can be a great tool to balance modern living, especially for those who live in the thick of the hustle and bustle. It provides an opportunity to slow down, tune into your body and to expand and develop neural pathways in the brain that help ease anxiety and anxiety symptoms. Additionally, when yoga therapy is coupled with psychotherapy, you can increase your emotional awareness and body awareness which may keep anxiety at bay and even overcome trauma. 

Undeniably, Yoga and yoga therapy have been researched and proven to provide calming and self-soothing techniques. At Trauma and Beyond ® we provide both group and individual trauma therapy. Please call Trauma and Beyond ®  for a Free phone consultation at (818) 651-0725.