a Certified Trauma Professional

What a Certified Trauma Professional Can Do For You

A Certified Trauma Professional has experience in treatment of shock trauma, developmental trauma, relational trauma and complex PTSD.  Depression, anxiety, self-harm, attachment difficulties, and addictive compulsive behaviors are some of the many ways that trauma may manifest in the individual. Specially qualified professionals can help you to move beyond your trauma into a life that feels more balanced and and increases capacity for experiences of joy and aliveness. In this blog, we’ll go over some trauma symptoms that you might not be aware of as well as go a bit more in depth about what a Certified Trauma Professional can do for you.

Different Types of Trauma

A definition of Trauma is that it’s an event which causes extreme distress. Beyond simply being stressful, this trauma overwhelms the nervous system and creates fear. That fear can be for your life or safety, or it can be for the life and safety of another. Big “T” trauma is what many people think of when describing trauma; however, it it just one kind of trauma. “Developmental Trauma” involves how emotional or even physical growth is compromised by repeated chronic neglect, abuse, or mis-attunement. “Relational Trauma” is about how one responds to another human being based on relational types of distress.  Individuals with relational or developmental trauma are often more likely to develop PTSD after a traumatic event (such as an earthquake or fire).

Trauma Survival Strategies

Many people who experience trauma create adaptive survival strategies. These strategies are rarely healthy, they may carry negative consequences, but but they develop in response to developmental trauma.  Survival strategies can include behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, as well as seemingly high functioning behaviors like overworking or perfectionism. Some people develop rigid, strict boundaries; others develop lack of any boundaries whatsoever. Plenty of people avoid relationships utterly; others will be too dependent on the relationships around them. Trauma can manifest itself in many ways.

a Certified Trauma Professional

Symptoms of Trauma and More

Trauma has both physical and psychological symptoms. Many people who are experiencing physical symptoms may not  know that they’re caused by trauma. For example, fatigue can be a symptom of an overactive nervous system, always on high alert as a result of past trauma. The same goes for hypertension, elevated blood pressure and insomnia, while these are all very real health problems, trauma may be at the root.  These classic physical symptoms of trauma, are often chalked up to other factors. Constant agitation, edginess, concentration problems and a heightened, startled response are just a few of the physical symptoms of trauma.

The psychological symptoms of trauma are not always those of hyperarousal, we may also see signs of hypoarousal, such as feeling numb, isolated or completely disconnected. Psychological signs of trauma can be suspect when an individual is hyper-critical, self-blaming, and exhibits overall feelings of despair, sadness and general hopelessness. If you constantly feel confused, angry or irritable, these symptoms may indicate history of trauma. Many of our patients have come to us because they felt continued guilt and shame without really knowing why. Our trauma experts support clients in the process by first promoting safety, help clients experience symptom reduction, and then using history and present moment to move towards trauma  healing.

Certified Trauma Professionals & Specialized Professionals at Your Service

Obviously, not all of symptoms are always caused by trauma. However, if you experience some of the symptoms listed above  it may be time to talk to a trauma professional. The Trauma and Beyond Center ® can help you to develop skills as well as movement towards empowerment. Our goal is to help you to move forward, developing healthier patterns in life. Help is available to assist you in breaking the cycle you’ve been in, in order to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. There is hope.

Trauma and Beyond’s ® therapeutic team, are all licensed therapists who are experts with a unique range of skills. Certified Eye – Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapists, Certified Neuroaffective Relational Model Therapists, Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, art therapists, eating disorder specialists, certified Mindfulness yoga specialists – there’s different help for many different kinds of patients at our facility. Please see our who we are page to get more information about our expert team. We are one of the few programs in Los Angeles County that is a genuine trauma specific Trauma treatment Center.

Our goal is to create a “safe base,” a place where you can explore both the life you want to live as well as what’s keeping you from living it right now. A more fulfilling, meaningful life is possible, and our professionals work in tandem to support and nurture your process of exploration and empowerment.  To learn more about how the Trauma and Beyond Center ® works, or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (818) 651-0725.