Sexual Trauma

Dealing With Sexual Trauma

Learning how to cope with sexual trauma can be incredibly difficult, even debilitating affecting work-life, personal relationships, self-esteem and overall feeling of safety and emotional well-being. Along with seeking therapy there are steps you can take on the road to overcoming the trauma you have experienced. The first step is being compassionate with yourself and what you have been through. You may feel shame, embarrassment or be blaming yourself for the event that you went through. You could be nervous or afraid of the reaction others might have when you tell them. You could fear judgement or rejection from your friends and family. These feels can prevent you from seeking the help you deserve. You are not responsible for what has happened to you. It can be extremely difficult to seek help but sometimes trying to recover alone creates additional suffering.  

Once you have have the courage to seek treatment the initial sessions should be done in a way that helps you to feel safe and builds trust. Safety and trust will allow the space to be honest and facilitate healing.  At Trauma and Beyond ® our therapists are trained to support you at a pace that will be comfortable for you, rather than retraumatizing.

Sexual Trauma

Common Symptoms of Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma survivors often experience guilt, shame, and self-blame. All too often they blame themselves for trusting someone they thought was a friend or for not being able to prevent the attack. With sexual trauma it is never your fault!  You did not cause the assault. The only person to blame is the person that took advantage of you.

Some other common symptoms include flashbacks, upsetting memories, isolation, withdrawal, anger, panic, and avoidance or even numbness. Following a traumatic sexual experience you may find yourself pulling away friends and family. However, these symptoms don’t have to be a life sentence there is help. The staff at Trauma and Beyond Center ®  can provide you with support during this process. Our team is specially trained to work with sexual abuse in an empathic and compassionate manner. You don’t have to struggle alone and you are not to blame. Contact us at (818) 651-0725 for a complementary FREE phone consultation.