Sexually Abused

A Center Trained in Helping Those Who’ve Been Sexually Abused

Since you’ve been sexually abused, have you had trouble sleeping, or an inability to be anything other than hyper-vigilant? Have you been dealing with flashbacks or even had an overall sense of dread? These reactions are perfectly understandable. Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center we’ve helped people for many years through trauma-informed therapy. Now,…

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sexual abuse

Ways to Cope With Past Sexual Abuse

Living with the trauma of sexual abuse is complicated–and painful too. You may feel alone, ashamed, or unable to share your feelings with anyone.   You may be overwhelmed by feelings of fear, anger or sadness. You may even feel confused or wonder if you are exaggerating your experience. Coping with sexual abuse is not…

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Sexual Trauma

Dealing With Sexual Trauma

Learning how to cope with sexual trauma can be incredibly difficult, even debilitating affecting work-life, personal relationships, self-esteem and overall feeling of safety and emotional well-being. Along with seeking therapy there are steps you can take on the road to overcoming the trauma you have experienced. The first step is being compassionate with yourself and…

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