Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

Safety, Trust, and Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®, we know that you have many different options for mental health treatment in Los Angeles. If you search for “mental health treatment near me” or something similar, you’re liable to come up with hundreds (or more) responses. When we established Trauma and Beyond ®  we did so with the goal of creating a program of excellence. We realized that many programs which stated they were mental health / trauma programs, were treating trauma as a side note. Or were not understanding that underneath mental health issues are trauma issues. Sometimes even our clients did not recognize the roots of their trauma because trauma can have many faces. It can be the more obvious experiences  of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, but it can also occur with those who may have had parents who worked too much, who were neglected, or bullied, or had issues that made them feel different as children.


At Trauma and Beyond ® our therapists are all licensed experts in the trauma field. This means that the core of their training is about learning how to establish safety and trust in the treatment fields. We have worked to create a safe environment for mental health treatment as well as a team of therapists who are relationally oriented and who know how to create a sense of safety in the room.  

Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

Safe Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

A major part of trauma informed therapy is dealing with the underlying trauma beneath a person’s symptoms. Depression, drug use, alcoholism, and other symptoms are caused by unresolved traumas from a person’s past. So, in our therapy, we work with the patient to learn how to integrate trauma into a non-triggering memory, so that they can lead the lives that they want to live. However, doing that requires a delicate balance: we have to make an environment for the client where they are comfortable enough to deal with those traumas. On top of that, we have to provide a containing space so that working with their trauma is not going to re-traumatize the patient.

Mental Health and Trust

The road towards resolving one’s underlying traumas is not an easy one. Not only is it time-consuming and complex, but it can also be hard. The coping mechanisms that your body developed to get around and away from these traumas are real. Moreover, your body did that for a reason: to protect you from the attachment loss and pain of trauma. That’s where our therapy comes in. We created an environment of trust and safety so that our patients can confront those traumas that they’ve been avoiding for so long, except through nightmares and flashbacks and debilitating relational dysregulation. Remember, when we say “avoiding,” we rarely mean that the patient is consciously avoiding those traumas or choosing to do so. Rather, we mean that their body developed adaptive coping strategies that would help to dissociate from the the traumas.

Supporting You

It’s important to note that when you come here for therapy, you aren’t alone. Our licensed professional therapists are with you every step of the way. They support you at every moment of the process: from when you initially schedule that free consultation with us, to your first steps of progress, to that time when you can finally live the life you want, without being held back from those traumas. Through our personalized treatments, we’re by your side.

Personalized Treatment Modalities

The traumas that have shadowed you throughout your entire life have to be dealt with through treatments that specifically target them. That’s where our therapists’ experience comes in. They can draw upon their years of training in trauma informed treatment  so that you can get the trauma therapy that resolves your underlying issues. Start the process today by scheduling an appointment at (818) 651-0725.