Receive Help with Grief and Loss in Los Angeles

Receive Help with Grief and Loss in Los Angeles

Grief and loss can be some of the most difficult symptoms to overcome.  Although the process is different for everyone, sometimes grief is complicated by other losses or past trauma.  Complicated grief may sometimes need professional assistance to help get through the pain. Here at the Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®, we have a series of different treatment methods that may help you with the underlying traumas. We can’t remove your loss, as nothing makes up for the loss of someone you truly care about. However, through our treatment methods you can receive help with grief and loss in Los Angeles so that you can live your life. Sensorimotor psychotherapy is just one of the many treatment methods we’ve used which may be successful for you.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

We always do our best to incorporate the latest advancements in treatment methods into our practice. This treatment, sensorimotor psychotherapy, may be relatively new in terms of treatment, but it’s proven to be effective for many different kinds of trauma. This therapy has shown a remarkable ability to help with both physical and emotional symptoms. Those that have difficulty sleeping, due to their traumatic experiences, have had success with this. It’s also been very effective for those who feel like they lack the energy to engage with their lives.

Receive Help with Grief and Loss in Los Angeles

How this Psychotherapy Works

Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, our trained therapists know how to create a secure environment in which our patients feel safe. That sense of a secure environment is necessary when working with trauma.  Sensorimotor psychotherapy uses the body as an entryway to the process. By tracking physical sensations and patterns in the body, patients will begin to learn to distinguish between physical sensations and emotions. Tracking can lead to completion of responses that were interrupted by trauma.  By resolving incomplete defensive responsive, this facilitates the processing of fragmented emotional and cognitive elements of trauma as well. This integration then allows further healing. Eventually, instead of being overwhelmed by certain triggers, patients become better able to recognize and identify potential triggers and traumatic memories or responses are now held in different way.

Ongoing Treatment

Every single person’s therapy is different. Their traumas are different, and thus their treatment methods are different as well. Often, the first stage of sensorimotor psychotherapy includes the therapist determining what the effects of their trauma are and helping the client to see how their body is affected by the emotions and memories of the trauma. From there, the therapist works with the patient to find the exact physical reactions that are tied to the trauma. Later, as the patient develops the skills to better confront the traumatic event, they can overcome their symptoms

Beyond Grief and Loss in Los Angeles

This psychotherapy may be the perfect way to approach your feelings of grief and loss, or they may not be right for you. Certified professionals at the Trauma and Beyond Center ® can put together a specifically tailored treatment plan for you. This plan will utilize all of the treatment methods that are right for your specific situation so that you can live life on your terms. For more info, give us a call at (818) 651-0725 to begin.