Overcome Psychological Trauma in Sherman Oaks

Overcome Psychological Trauma in Sherman Oaks

At the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, we can help with all different kinds of psychological trauma. Many of our patients have come to us having tried many methods and many programs. We believe that there is hope, though you may feel full of despair at this moment.  You can find a way. One of the most effective ways we’ve used to help our clients overcome psychological trauma in Sherman Oaks is through what’s called “Trauma Informed Therapy.” This particular kind of therapy has been proven to be very effective for those who have an underlying, unresolved trauma.

Help with Psychological Trauma in Sherman Oaks

Trauma informed therapy isn’t about favoring one particular type of therapeutic technique over another, rather it’s about an overall philosophy to providing care. Perhaps the most important factor in this particular type of therapy is to make sure that the client feels safe. All of our therapists go above and beyond in this regard, making sure that our patients know that they are welcomed, respected and secure. When you’re with us, you can open up and talk about whatever you want, and we will help guide you towards overcoming that which has held you back.

Overcome Psychological Trauma in Sherman Oaks

Treating Trauma, not Symptoms

That’s one of the goals of our trauma informed care. When someone comes to us because they’re suffering from depression or substance abuse, it’s important to stop those behaviors. However, that almost invariably can’t happen without resolving the underlying traumas that are causing those behaviors. Those behaviors are protective behaviors: ways of dealing with stressors in the world. Through trauma informed therapy (or other similar treatment methods) we can help you to resolve that which is causing the symptoms. In turn, that helps to alleviate the symptoms over time.


We have therapists with extensive histories in trauma informed therapy. They can put together a plan of trauma informed therapy that can fit your specific needs. That being said, every single person’s trauma informed care is different. Just as no two people have the same traumatic experiences, they won’t have the same methods of trauma informed therapy. However, one factor that trauma informed therapy often does is that it helps patients to develop a repertoire of trauma coping strategies. The coping strategies that the patient previously developed in response to trauma are often the symptoms that the patient is seeking to eliminate: process addictions (gambling, sex, shopping, video games), high levels of anxiety, drug use, alcohol abuse and more.

Methods for Trauma

Trauma informed care means that we see  the protective value of symptoms. While we incorporated many trauma informed modalities of therapy with our patients we start with an understanding of trauma and its effects on the body, mind and emotions of individuals with trauma.  Our therapies are integrated using bottom up and top down approaches, as well as both right brain and left brain modalities. Our trained professionals at Trauma and Beyond ® can devise a plan that’s perfect for your needs. It may incorporate such mainstays as cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR, psychodynamic, experiential and somatic approaches. The use of music therapy, trauma sensitive yoga and art therapy are combined in a way to provide an integrative experience.  Together, we will put together an individualized plan that will allow you to heal without retraumatization.. Take the first step by calling for a free consultation at (818) 651-0725.