Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks for Dissociation

Often people who have experienced trauma suffer from dissociation but what does that mean.  The word dissociation can have several meanings. In the DSM-5 dissociation is characterized by a disruption in consciousness, memory, identity, emotion, and more.  However, dissociation occurs on a spectrum. We all dissociate at some times. It can be as simple as…

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Trauma Therapy in Sherman Oaks

Reclaim Your Life through Trauma Therapy in Sherman Oaks

Trauma is an all-too-real experience for many people today and can cause severe emotional, psychological, and physical problems. Traumatic experiences can range widely and can occur at any time in your life. You may even have had a traumatic experience from years ago that you have long suppressed that is negatively impacting your life today….

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