Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

Comprehensive Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

We are often asked: “what does your trauma treatment in Los Angeles cover?” The truth is, we treat a wide range of issues and symptoms. The amount of problems in life that unresolved childhood trauma can lead to is absolutely staggering. Unresolved trauma can begin very early or later in life.  Whether you had parents who suffered with mental illness, were absent, neglectful, worked too much, had their own addiction issues, or you suffered with learning disabilities or were bullied in school these problems may have caused problems in development.  Perhaps you have suffered from dysfunctional adolescent or adult relationships. So many of the problems and challenges we face every day can be a direct result of something unresolved from our past. No matter what symptoms you’re dealing with today, the Trauma and Beyond Center doesn’t just treat the symptoms.  We treat the entire person, in order to resolve trauma allowing you to live the life you’ve always wanted or can learn to dream of.

Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

Depression is one of the many symptoms that our trauma treatment in Los Angeles deals with. It’s normal to feel alone sometimes, or sad and lacking energy. However, if you feel that day in and day out, with no respite or let up, then you may have a problem. When you can’t break out of your depressive spiral, and just feel generally hopeless, we can be here for you. We utilize proven techniques, provided by expert professionals with years of experience to  help you to break your negative sense of self and begin the journey towards true self love.

Trauma Treatment in Los Angeles

Top Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

Anxiety is, for too many of us, a constant companion. Endless worry, nonstop fear about our lives and everything else – sometimes they’re followed by panic attacks, dizziness,  inability to breathe and worse. If you have an anxiety that won’t go away, and seemingly won’t let up, then let our trauma treatment in Los Angeles help to calm you down. Self-regulation is possible. You can feel soothed, in both mind and body, so that you won’t have to face every day dealing with rampant anxiety.

A Trauma Psychology Center in Los Angeles

Addiction is one of the hardest things a person can face. Breaking free of an addiction can be difficult, but in the end, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center, we have the kind of trauma treatment in Los Angeles that can help you to break free from addiction.  You can lead a life free of addiction that’s held you back for so long. It’s important to keep in mind that we treat all kinds of addictions: we have helped many individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. We also help individuals with sex addiction, social media addiction, and other process addictions.  

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Everyone’s path to resolving trauma is different. No two journeys are the same. That’s why, when you come to the Trauma and Beyond Center, we built an individualized plan for you. Our experts will design a  process that’s made specifically for you and your needs, so that you can get the results you want out of your Trauma and Beyond Center experience. Learn more by giving us a call at (818) 651-0725.