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What Our Center for Psychological Services Does

At the end of the day, our center for psychological services focuses on helping a person to overcome  trauma that has been causing them problems for so long. For many people, the moment they experience trauma is a formative one: it overwhelms the nervous system and remains unintegrated in the mind. From that moment forward, they may develop a lifelong strategy to protect themselves from having to experience trauma again. They may not be able to put the trauma into words, but it can manifest itself in a whole host of negative behaviors, emotions and more. At the Trauma and Beyond Center: we help people to heal from trauma, and ultimately move beyond it.

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Most people think that trauma is held in the mind or that it is limited to bad memories best forgotten. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. People hold traumas in their cells, in their bodies and in their unconscious.  Trauma can manifest physically – with migraines, autoimmune disorders, anxiety and so much more. The depression and alienation that people feel every day can be a direct result of underlying trauma. These consequences of trauma are important aspects of what we treat at our center for psychology.

Our Center for Psychological Services

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Often, these underlying trauma can manifest in our relationships. Have you ever felt that you just couldn’t’ trust people but didn’t know why? Or that you always feel unsafe around people that you know are perfectly kind, nice and safe? That’s how  traumas can sabotage relationships. That future prediction of hurt becomes all that’s real, making it extremely difficult to make new connections and maintain them. To develop a better sense of trust, to feel safe around good people again, we encourage you to come to our center for psychological services.

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Here at our center for psychological services, we don’t just treat symptoms. We work on self attunement,  ability to trust, autonomy and independence, connection to self and connection to others, so that you can lead the life you’ve always wanted to. We treat the entire person.  Because trauma exists in the body and mind, our treatment works in the same fashion. Our approach works with both mind and body.

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Our “three-stage” trauma therapy model has helped countless people to overcome their traumas and it can help you, too. The first stage sets a foundation, working on basic stabilization and safety. The second stage deals with processing traumatic memories. The third and final stage then focuses on you reconnecting to the world in a new way, while also re-connecting to yourself.  If that sounds like something you’d like in your life, give us a call at (818) 651-0725 or head to our website for more information.