Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

Effective Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

If  you have problems sleeping like constant nightmares that interrupt your sleep, or you wake up with severe anxiety or sweats throughout the night, or wake up extremely anxious, you may need help and not know it. Many people who suffer from trauma related problems don’t realize this is what is going on with their sleep disturbance. Too often, they just blame themselves for their perceived shortcomings, unaware that there’s something underlying, related to their past, that they can’t quite resolve. That’s where we come in! The Trauma and Beyond Center provides the kind of trauma therapy in Los Angeles that helps you to finally heal from the psychological trauma and the disturbing symptoms.

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Of the many problems related to underlying traumas, the worst are the problems that continue long after the trauma has passed. For example, do you feel constantly anxious? Are you always “on alert” and find it difficult to relax? Do you have constant thoughts running through your mind and no ability to go silent? Those are just a few of the symptoms that can be linked to unresolved trauma in your own life. You can try to fix these issues with reading and coaching and self-help groups, but it can be difficult to impossible to do it on your own. Part of that is because it’s so difficult to discern what the trauma or where it came from.  We can help, as our trauma therapy in Los Angeles facility has the experts who can help you to heal.

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

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For some people, connecting to others is easy. They seem to make new friends, start healthy friendships and relationships  in just a brief period of time. However, for many of us, it can be extremely difficult to form new connections or even retain the current ones. Unfortunately, when we struggle with this, we take it out on ourselves, blaming ourselves for problems that aren’t our fault. This can lead to or even come from an overall sense of dread, an anxiety that things aren’t going to turn out right no matter what we do. These are all feelings that our trauma therapy in Los Angeles is equipped to deal with, in order to help you move toward more satisfying relationships.

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That being said, it’s important to realize that the Trauma and Beyond Center doesn’t just focus on the reduction of your symptoms. In fact, there’s a reason that we added the “and beyond” to our name: we don’t just focus on the trauma. We treat the whole person, so that you heal from the wounds of early trauma that have been plaguing you for so long. We work with our clients to support their movement “beyond” the symptoms to help you find moments of passion, joy, laughter and awe!


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Even if you don’t feel it right now, it is possible to form healthy attachments. You can regulate your nervous system so that you aren’t always anxious. It is possible to love yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted. When you’re ready to learn more or even just have a question, give us a call at (818) 651-0725 or head to our site. We can be there by your side every step of the way on your journey.