Addiction Treatment

Getting Help For Loved Ones with Addictions

Addiction of any kind does not solely cause turmoil to the addicted, it strains all types of relationships–partner, family, friends, colleagues–and can even bring them to an end. Instinctively, we want to help those we care about, after all, it is tough to witness someone battling their addiction while hurting themselves and people in the…

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Process Addiction Treatment

What is Process Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

While addiction to drugs and alcohol is what most people commonly think of when they discuss addiction there are other forms of addiction that can be just as dangerous. Things like gambling, binge eating, sex, pornography, social media, electronic devices can also become serious addictive problems that can take over your life. If you feel…

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Sex and Love Addiction

How Trauma Is At the Base of Sex and Love Addiction

When we speak about addictions, we generally think of substance abuse and drug addiction. Currently experts recognize process addictions including gambling, gaming, video, and shopping.  However, there is an often ignored and rarely acknowledged form of addiction that can destroy lives and relationships and is often rooted in severe trauma that can make it difficult…

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