trauma in Los Angeles

Treating Addiction and Trauma in Los Angeles Through Somatic Experiencing

Everything we experience in life affects who we are. Often, unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, but it has an effect. When our experiences are positive that that can be a good thing: a new job, starting a new relationship, and so forth. However, other experiences such as illness, the death of a loved one, losing a job, and more, can cause trauma.  Trauma is not only something that leaves a physical wound on your body that is visible to the eye. Emotional trauma causes invisible wounds that damage the psyche. This type of trauma can have profound effects on the whole being; body, mind, emotions and spirit. One of the modalities we use at Trauma and Beyond Center ® for treating trauma in Los Angeles is Somatic Experiencing. 

Treating Trauma in Los Angeles: Somatic Experiencing Explained 

The term Somatic Experiencing comes from the Greek word “soma” which means “living body.” When you experience trauma of any kind, your body holds on to it. You might be aware of stress or tightness in certain parts of your body but trauma affect the body in many ways.  Trauma can affect posture, body language, digestive systems, energy levels, sexual issues, pain and even your ability to connect in relationships with others. Somatic Experiencing understands how the mind and body are connected and is focused with helping you recognize and ultimately release the physical tensions that may be stored in your body after a traumatic events. 

trauma in Los Angeles


Therapeutic sessions involve helping clients track their experience of sensations throughout their body. For example, you may be guided to focus on areas of discomfort, restriction or bracing in your body.   Often, in trauma survivors, an unresolved traumatic memory may emerge. With the help of one of our Somatic Experiencing Therapists you will be guided in a safe and compassionate way to help your discharge the trauma stored in your body.  Clients will often find that painful memories change as they are guided through it, that it can feel different in both their mind as well as their body. Our therapists guide the process in a gentle and respectful way, processing pieces at a time in order to not overwhelm or re- traumatize. 


The benefits of Somatic Experiencing in treating trauma in Los Angeles can be immense. Integrating traumatic experiences can be life changing. Clients may experience a greater connection to themselves, more confidence and more aliveness.  With an expanded capacity to experience positive feelings, clients may be better able to better deal with daily stress. There can be positive physical implications as well. Some of our patients report feeling To find out if Somatic Experiencing is right for you, call us at Trauma and Beyond ®  at (818) 651-0725.