Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Support for Those Dealing with Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Everything about dealing with childhood trauma is difficult. You may not be aware of just what kind of impact childhood trauma has had on you. For so many people, they’re still dealing with the fallout from childhood trauma every day of their lives, even if they don’t realize it. If you’ve ever thought “I’m so unhappy all the time no matter what” or “I’m depressed, and nothing I seem to do changes that,” those symptoms could be caused by underlying trauma that has not been resolved. We believe treating childhood trauma in Los Angeles can help to resolve the underlying trauma that is still affecting you so that you can live without the unwanted symptoms of unhappiness or depression.  

Experience with Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, our  team of trauma professionals have years of experience in treating childhood trauma or what we call developmental trauma.  The “symptoms” of childhood trauma are all around us, but we rarely call them by that name. They may manifest as depression, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks  and more. Trauma focused therapy looks at these behaviors as coping strategies, instead of thinking that some people just have a predilection for those behaviors. What they’re coping with isn’t just the stressors of their current life, but also the childhood trauma that set up a “working model” for how life and relationships would be viewed.

Childhood Trauma in Los Angeles

Childhood Trauma Treatment

The truth is that we can help clients through many kinds of childhood trauma. Our trauma focused approach is phase based, so as to not re-traumatize a person while they are being treated for trauma.  Safety and stabilization are always a primary concern. When a person faces or deals with something that their entire body and mind have been trying to shy away from for years if not decades it can become overwhelming or retraumatizing.  We work slowly and carefully to strengthen and support each client before we begin the processing of traumatic memories. We utilize many different treatment modalities such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing that can help to heal in a safe way working with small pieces of traumatic memories as to not overwhelm or flood the nervous system.  Working in this titrated manner allows for healing to happen without overwhelming our clients with more than they are ready for. Slowly at the pace each person is ready for we work to resolve their childhood trauma at a pace that meets each individual’s capacity to heal.

Types of Childhood Trauma we Address

Over the years, we’ve helped  many people through all different kinds of childhood trauma.  Whether a person had a history of sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, or other adverse childhood experiences our team of trauma professionals are here to help. However,  individual’s can suffer from trauma without being abused. Parental emotional or physical neglect, serious childhood illness, accidents, loss of parents or siblings and other life experiences can be traumatizing as well.  Childhood trauma can cause a lifetime of problems and pain. Often childhood trauma is unrecognized because one of the only defenses children have is to dissociate, or push away or normalize traumatic experiences in order to survive.

Trauma and Beyond Center

The Trauma and Beyond Center ® has assisted many who have tried other options that haven’t helped and  believed there was nowhere else for them to go. We’re always glad to talk to speak to you if you are wondering whether or not our treatment is right for you. To schedule a consultation, just give us a call at (818) 651-0725.