Trauma and Beyond

How Trauma and Beyond Center Helps You Move Beyond Your Past

Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center in Sherman Oaks, California, focuses on working with our clients towards finding resolution of developmental trauma  and shock trauma. It is our belief that trauma is at the root of many psychological and behavioral problems. When trauma occurs, the brain’s natural defense is to suppress or make unconscious these traumatic experiences. Trauma informed therapy  is necessary to support clients who are working to overcome past trauma. Helping clients move out of repetitive cycles includes recognizing the adaptive function these cycles serve.

The Hidden Past

When a horrible event occurs the nervous system becomes overwhelmed.  When this happens, memories are not stored in the same way as normal memories.  Because they are unintegrated, they may appear in the present as distressing feelings or vague glimpses of  traumatic experiences, flashbacks, sensations or extreme emotions. In order to avoid these uncomfortable states individuals may use drugs, alcohol, and/or sex, focus excessively on work, or use self-harming behaviors to mask the pain. Often these symptoms will present as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other psychological diagnoses.

Trauma and Beyond

Trauma informed therapists have the skills to recognize underlying trauma and support clients to strengthen resources and resiliency. Trauma informed therapy supports clients in developing healthier coping strategies and neural pathways for self-soothing — skills necessary to cope with daily life and trauma therapy without needing maladaptive coping mechanisms. We seek to provide the tools that our clients need in order move towards healthier life functioning.

Addressing Emotional Overload

Individuals who suffer from trauma may find they are easily triggered by the minor stresses of everyday life. Even a small stress such as a disagreement with a colleague can result in excessive feelings of anxiety, and pain, and nervous system dysregulation. The nervous system has become hypersensitive seeing even minor stresses as a major threat. A feeling of insecurity and lack of safety often lie beneath these behaviors and reactions which are overwhelming. Only by addressing the full issue from a psychobiological perspective,  will patients increase their capacity for resilience.

Let Go Of Trauma

The truth is that many of us hold onto trauma, causing us distress in our daily lives. Sometimes individuals are aware of how trauma has affected them others are not. Symptoms such as stress headaches, overeating, isolation, insecurity, and addictions can be symptoms of trauma. In order to avoid painful repetitions of past trauma and stop a cycle of fear and distress, Trauma and Beyond Center therapists will work with clients to resolve past trauma. To start finding a resolution today, call us at (808) 651-0711 for a free telephone consultation.