Addiction Treatment

How Our Trauma and Addiction Treatment Can Help You Overcome Your Problems

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong battle endeavor. Addiction negatively impacts everything that we hold dear, from family life to work, and eventually it becomes impossible for the addict to live a normal life. Seeking addiction treatment  is a good start however in order to sustain long term recovery and a life worth living it should be followed up with deeper work on the underlying issues. At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ® we address underlying issues with an understanding of addiction and addiction treatment.

Starting Afresh

Recovery from  addictions can mean many lifestyle changes.  Removing the drugs is one part of treatment; however, all the issues that created the “need” for drugs are still there. We can help you to identify and explore stresses and help you to develop healthier coping skills.  Learning to deal with feelings that may have been distressful in the past is a crucial part of addiction treatment. At Trauma and Beyond ® treatment is designed to give you the strength and support to deal with your cravings while developing skills for emotional regulation and distress tolerance.  Learning to connect with new self resources creates neural pathways and opens the way to new possibilities.

Addiction Treatment

Learning How to Overcome Trauma

Addiction can often be the result of past trauma, which has been suppressed and not resolved. We often see patients who are trying to recover, but constantly fail because the substance is a cover or band aid for the true problem that lies beneath. We walk you through the process of emotional resolution, so you can start to experience the world around you very differently, and gradually recovery from addiction. Our goal, is to support your development of internal resources that allow you to experience day -to-day life without a dependence on drugs.

Put Substance Abuse behind You

When you come out of residential treatment, you need a strong course of therapy and relapse prevention (addiction treatment) in order to give you the self empowerment you need continue creating a healthier life. We know that relapse can be a part of addiction; however, studies show higher levels of success with individuals who continue in long-term aftercare treatment. With our specialists in trauma and addiction treatment, we believe we can give the best possible chance towards new choices and a  sustainable recovery. To start your treatment substance addiction aftercare, contact us on (818) 651-0711.