Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Beyond Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Here at the “Trauma and Beyond Center,” we get many questions asking something like: “what does beyond mean?” The truth is that, for us, “beyond” has multiple meanings. The first, simplest and most direct meaning is that we help our patients to move beyond trauma and its symptoms. “Moving beyond” doesn’t just mean that our clients feel better about themselves and their lives, but rather that their symptoms are significantly reduced. In many cases, that reduction is so great it’s as if the symptoms are completely gone. In this blog, we’ll discuss what our treatment does, how it works, and how we can help you to feel better not just today but going forward in life as well.

Our Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Everyone wants to be happy. Indeed, if you’re reading this in America, “the pursuit of happiness” is one of our founding goals. Sometimes, it can seem like it’s almost impossible to be happy, or to feel content for any length of time. That can be for a variety of reasons. For many people, they may feel unhappy or awful for a period of time, and then it passes. For many others, those times don’t pass. You just feel consistently bad, wrong and out of sorts. When that happens, we can help. We can help you to find those underlying traumas that could be the cause of your problems, and then ultimately overcome them.

Trained Therapists

One thing that sets our trauma treatment center apart from the rest is our therapists. We made sure to hire the absolute best around. That means that they combine an extensive resume with pa proven track record of success. So, the therapists we bring into our trauma treatment center have experience in helping clients overcome substances abuse and other addictions. However, it’s important to bear in mind that we don’t just help those suffering from addictions here. Indeed, many of our clients come in who have anxiety and mood disorders. Those can be debilitating as well. If you think you could benefit from trauma treatment, we’re here to talk to you.

Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

End Self-Defeating Behaviors

Some of the most frustrating behaviors we have in our daily lives are the self-defeating ones. Those patterns that seem to play out throughout our entire lives that keep us from getting what we want. Maybe you know that you have a pattern of self-defeating behavior, or maybe you just know that your life isn’t going the way that you would like it to go. These patterns can be especially harmful to our lives, because they can leave us feeling so anxious, so depressed and ultimately unsatisfied with how our lives are progressing, or rather not progressing. You don’t have to suffer from low self esteem anymore. It’s easy (and all too common) to feel overwhelmed and defeated. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Feeling Good Enough

For many of us, that’s one of the biggest problems – feeling that we’re good enough. Good enough for the job we want, good enough for the relationship we want, good enough for the relationship we’re in or the one we desire – yet, no matter what we do, we just don’t feel like we’re good enough to make it all happen. Perhaps you even feel shame over all of this. Here at the Trauma and Beyond Center, we work to find what caused these patterns to originate within in you in the first place. Often, these patterns were survival strategies that may have protected you at one point, but now are actively hurting your life. Through our therapy, you can move beyond these patterns to live your life.

The traumas we experience early in life, basic core needs that were not met during our developmental stages can manifest in a variety of negative ways. For some, it’s difficulties in forming attachments or severe anxiety. For others, they can manifest as addictions to drugs, alcohol, food or in other ways. The goal of our treatment center is to help you move towards growing your life force. There is creativity and passion inside each of us. The activities you love that bring you joy can do so again. Or, if there are activities you’ve wanted to engage in, we can help you to build the strength to pursue them.

The last meaning of “beyond” is one of the most rewarding: to help our clients find a connection to something beyond themselves. Your aliveness can deepen, so that you can feel utterly alive within the moment. This may all sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. You can schedule a consultation today and take your first steps towards it. To find out more about how all of this is possible, call us at (818) 651-0725 or head to our site.