trauma therapy in Los Angeles

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles Focused on Safety and Trust

When we talk about effective therapy entails, we often discuss it in terms of modalities, or different kinds of therapy. We talk about facilities, qualifications, and experience. However, one of the most important parts of an effective therapy that doesn’t often get discussed is a sense of safety. For therapy to help you in all of the ways that you want it to help, it’s crucial that you feel safe. You deserve to have a therapist that understands the lack of internal safety that goes with trauma as well as has the ability to know how to create a relational sense of safety.  That’s what you’ll find with our trauma therapy in Los Angeles.

trauma therapy in Los Angeles

Safety, Trust and Empathy

In your life, you probably found that you couldn’t “trust,” to share your needs or often even to have needs.. This usually begins in early childhood through having primary caretakers who are unable to meet your needs or allow your needs and so needs become dissociated or repressed. A sense of safety internally, in a relationship, and in the world does not develop. There are various reasons for this lack of ability in primary caretakers perhaps their own mental health issues, neglectfulness, personality disorder issues, addiction issues). What happens though is a lack of attunement to your needs creates a lack of safety and trust.  


When you come to the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, you’ll find that we accept you unconditionally. No matter what you say or feel, here you will find acceptance. In the rest of your life, you may feel that you have to hide who you are, or conceal some aspect of your life. That’s not true at our program. You can be your truest self, and feel comfortable that you’re safe, respected and cared for come what may. Only in that kind of environment can it be possible to deal with your underlying traumas, so as to stop the symptoms.


Free from External Evaluation

In your life, like so many of us, you probably have to deal with a slew of external evaluation. Your boss, your significant other, your family and more – you most likely have to deal with some kind of external evaluation and feel that you have to act in a certain way to maintain their approval. That doesn’t mean that you “fake who you are,” or anything like that. Rather, it’s just that you realize you can’t be 100% open about your thoughts and feelings at any given time. That’s why here at the Trauma and Beyond Center ®, we developed a program where you can feel comfortable to say what has to be said and where we can individualize your therapy programs based on your needs.

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

We have many different kinds of therapy modalities at the Trauma and Beyond Center ®.  What you’ll find is that no matter what kind of therapy you use, you will feel safe and secure. When you call us for a free consultation, we’ll sit down with you and lay the groundwork for building an environment of safety and trust. Start the process today by calling us at (818) 651-0725.