Mindfulness somatic

Mindfulness Somatic Therapy for Trauma

Mindfulness somatic therapy is a focused attention practice to overcome trauma and its lingering effects on your everyday life. 

As you may already know, mental disorders caused by trauma can trigger inner emotions, thereby manifesting themselves in many different conditions such as stress, sleep problems, anxiety, etc. Trauma can manifest in many forms, and it doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from mild or acute traumatic experiences, because ultimately, trauma ought to be treated with efficiency and determination.

There are many types of therapies that have proven effective with traumatic disorders. While most of them are related to mental capacities, it is important to include the body in treatment. 

Mindfulness somatic

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as the ability to achieve self-awareness regarding where you are and what you are doing. The main objective is to sense the present and remain unhindered by unimportant thoughts or matters. 

Some would say that mindfulness is the art of grasping the moment at hand and thoroughly understanding the nature of everything that is happening in the world surrounding you. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that mindfulness is a practice easier said than done, and mastering it can be a little tricky. Evidently, any kind of trauma directly affects patients’ ability to stay in the moment and makes it difficult to stay focused on the present.

The problem is that some people are not even aware of losing touch and they forget the important things that would rescue them from a stressful situation.

Mindfulness Somatic Experiencing: A New Frontier

This is where mindfulness somatic experiencing comes to play and proves effective in dealing with different kinds of traumatic circumstances. 

With this method, people will come to understand the things that trigger their trauma and realize the importance of patience and self-awareness in those particular moments through developing awareness and “noticing,” of their physical sensations in the present moment.

With mindfulness somatic experiencing, patients will learn to pause for a moment, observe the situation wisely, think about it, and decide what to do and how to behave in order to avoid negative ramifications. What separates this from pure mindfulness is that mindfulness somatic experiencing supports the client’s awareness of his/her physiological reactions to their environment. For example, whether they become hypoaroused (under) or hyper-aroused). Clients learn to take their “temperature,” and thus have more control of their internal environments.

Are you in control of your feelings and emotions or is it the opposite? This is the question that will be answered through somatic experiencing therapy. 

Is This the Right Approach For You?

Somatic therapy is a great way for people to learn about the importance of paying attention to traumatic experiences that manifest in their body’s, or thoughts, feelings, and actions without any negative influence or misjudgment. 

There are different approaches to treating patients depending on their diagnosis. Our experts at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ® will use somatic experiencing to teach them the ability to pause in traumatic situations and become more able to stay in the present moment with calmness, stability, and healthfulness. 

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