Mental Health Treatment

Alternative Methods Can Work in Mental Health Treatment

The approach to helping someone with mental health issues has changed drastically over the years. Sadly, we live in a time today where it is all too common for doctors and specialists to immediately turn to the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications as a way of dealing with mental health disorders. In some cases these medications may mask the symptoms you feel from what you experience and may do little to help you with resolving the underlying issues. To make matters worse, there are possibilities of addiction or the harsh side effects you may feel from certain medications. While medication can be effective or even necessary, medication along with therapy is known to increase results. Alternative methods can be highly effective in mental health treatment, and at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ® we offer a variety of evidence-based and alternative methods. Not to say we don’t believe in medication, but we do believe in the use of medication along with mental health treatment.

Mental Health Treatment

Exploring New Treatment Options

Our goal at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ® is to go beyond the symptoms and help you get to the root of the trauma or issue you are facing.  Once we can do that, we can develop a program that involves a variety of modalities to help you with healing and coping strategies. We use multiple trauma-informed therapy options, including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Interpersonal Neurobiology, Affect Regulation, Somatic Experiencing,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment-Relational Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and many other methods. We offer both Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs at Trauma and Beyond ®.

Ways to Improve Mental Health

Among the therapies we offer for mental health treatment we include individual therapy sessions, group sessions, family and couples’ therapy, and intensive workshops.  These treatment options are designed to give you the best pathways possible to recovery and improving your mental and physical health. After a careful assessment and evaluation, we can work with you to design a therapeutic program that best suits your needs.

Compassionate Care and Treatment

At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®  you can receive quality mental health treatment using methods that are highly effective for many individuals. You can find out more about the therapies we provide at our center on our website so you can see what options are there for you. Then give us a call at (818) 651-0725 so you can receive a confidential, complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss your issues with you and work towards getting you the best help possible. If you want to have more information about our services or want to send us a message, please use our online contact form. Just fill it with your message and your details and a member of our staff will get back to you.